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July 30, 2008

Jumping the shark — Episode 2: It's not just for geezers


Last evening I got the following email from Jason Nicholl, majordomo of nukethefridge.com:

    NY Times article on Nuke the Fridge

    Hi Joe,

    I just read your blog and your comment about me and the New York Times article. I thought I would drop you an email to clear something up ... not that it really matters, the damage is done by the idiot at the New York Times. As shocking as this may be to hear ... the New York Times completely misquoted me and tried to create controversy where there was none. He asked me during the interview, "Who was more likely to use 'jump the shark' and who was more likely to use 'nuke the fridge?'" I said, "My partner Luis [Lecca] says that people who may be a little older who are not internet savvy enough to frequent message boards would probably have only heard of 'jump the shark,' while those who are young and internet savvy [and] on the internet all day long will probably be more inclined to use the newest catch phrases like 'nuke the fridge.'" That was my exact quote. Also, when he asked me what I thought about Jon Hein and jumptheshark.com and if we were competing with him, I said, "I respect Jon and all the work he has done. Without what he already did, there would be no 'nuke the fridge.' I love his site. But we are not competing with him. He covers TV while we cover movies. 'Jump the shark' is for TV shows, while 'nuke the fridge' is for movies." Somehow both those quotes got turned around into what you ... [read]. But honestly, when is the last time you saw a journalist do a good job? Just thought you might like to know. If I had read only the article and didn't [know] the real deal I would think I'm a douche bag too.


    Jason Nicholl


I emailed Jason back that not only did I not think he was a "douche bag" after reading the Times story, I still don't.

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The NYT might have misquoted him, but the old owner (now sold to TV Guide) of jump the Shark.com is actually Jon Hein, not Joe Hein.

Posted by: JMT | Jul 30, 2008 1:08:45 PM

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