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July 2, 2008

LED Flashlight with Integrated In-Lens Magnetic Pick-Up Tool


I mean, I love mashups but this is ridiculous.

I'm still trying to get my head around it.

From the website:

    LED Flashlight with Integrated In-Lens Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    This is a cool magnetic pick-up tool that also functions as a flashlight for use under the hood.

    It's wonderfully machined from aluminum with a knurled body for grip and a hex head so it doesn't roll.

    The six LED lamps last 100,000 hours and last up to 16 hours on fully charged batteries.

    But the coolest feature is the high-powered magnet that extends out of the lamp housing.

    The 20-inch flexible telescoping rod has a high-powered magnet that will retrieve up to a 3 pound object.

    A handy retrieving tool that frees up your other hand because, let's face it, you always need light to find that part deep down in the engine compartment.

    Four lithium batteries are included so you can leave it in your glove or tool box and not worry about the batteries going dead until you use it.

    Flashlight is 6-3/4" in overall length.




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