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August 7, 2008

'Death is a minimalist approach to life' — me


The epigram above occurred to me earlier this afternoon, in response to an email from Milena Castulovich.

Art oftimes benefits from a muse.

Wait a minute — there's another one.

Better get cracking on the sequel, what?

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Dr. HAL will see you now — uBOT5 is the real WALL•E

At least this doctor won't whine about cuts in Medicare reimbursement.

uBOT5 is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst School of CyberMedicine, whose scientists created it.

Here's Ranit Mishori's story from the August 5, 2008 Washington Post Health section.

    Someone — No, Some Thing — to Watch Over You

    This uBOT5 robot, created by scientists from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is programmed to act if you suddenly find that you're in trouble.

    It can use a stethoscope to listen to your heart, and it can dial 911. If you've fallen, there's no need to press a button or shout; sensors near the robot's video-screen head can detect the problem and summon help.

    The robot can also set up a video call with a doctor using a webcam, a microphone and touch-sensitive LCD screen.

    As for more-mundane tasks, the robot can offer help around the house by picking up small packages and carrying groceries.

    Digitrobotics, a Boston-based start-up, is manufacturing several robots in collaboration with UMass and MIT.

    "It is our goal to use these technologies in an in-home-assistant robot," said Bryan Thibodeau, a principal of Digitrobotics and a graduate student at the perceptual robotics lab at UMass.



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Why the 2008 presidential election is already over — and the winner is:


Look at the graphic above.

It appeared on page M3 of last Sunday's (August 3, 2008) Washington Post, illustrating Laura Yao's story about the result of using Wordle's "word cloud" software on the official campaign blogs of McCain and Obama to produce illustrations of the frequency with which words occur.

Can you tell which is which?*


The McCain campaign is brain-dead, without a clue.

This is gonna be a landslide of Reagan v Carter proportions.

*McCain blog on right

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Teeth Thing Ring


A whole new slant.

[via my7475.com]

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Staphorster — by Viktor & Rolf


From the website:

Staphorster Clog

Featured in the winter 2007/2008 women's collection.

The high-heeled Staphorster clog is hand painted in an old traditional dotted craftwork pattern by an old lady from Staphorst. The wooden clog was manufactured by Jos Hogenkamp.


Staphorst is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands, famous for people wearing traditional dress. Furthermore, it is one of the most religious towns in the Netherlands, with a lot of people attending Calvinist church. Staphorst is said to grind to a halt on Sundays.

A large proportion of the population holds fundamentalist Christian beliefs and oppose technologies such as television and blood transfusions. This is in contrast to the permissive, libertarian tendency in Dutch law. Nevertheless, Staphorst has a big industrial area with small but modern enterprises; on days other than Sundays, tourists are welcome (Wikipedia).


[via virtualshoemuseum]

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Brew Jeans Ribbon Belt Denim Can Coolers — When the going gets hot, the weird turn prep


Official koozie of Curtis Sittenfeld.

From the website:

    Denim Beverage Can Coolers

    Our charming Denim Beverage Can Coolers keep drinks cold with the casual look of your favorite summer blue jeans.

    A perfect accessory for summer barbecues, these "brew jeans" let you enjoy ice-cold beverages without ice-cold hands.

    • Ideal for poolside refreshments

    • Made of classic denim material

    • Insulates cold beverages

    • Colorful ribbon belt

    • 3"Ø x 4"H


Belt features Emerald (pictured above) or Blue stripe.

I'm scratching my head wondering how come they don't offer a Pink iteration, which would sell a lot better than the two they've got.

$15 (libation not included).

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Collapsible Portable Rocking Chair


That's different.

From the website:

    Portable Rocking Chair

    Fold-up portable rocking chair for tailgating and camping.

    Enjoy one of life's comforts anywhere — camping or enjoying an evening on your patio.

    Features a built-in cup holder and solid steel frame.

    Polyester fabric with PVC coating.

    Folds for easy transport.


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