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August 8, 2008

Fold Loud

Created by JooYoun Paek, "Fold Loud is a (de)constructing musical play interface that uses origami paper folding techniques and ritualistic Taoist principles to give users a sense of slow, soothing relaxation."

[via Milena Castulovich]

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FoxFury Sunbolt 6 Mega 11,000 Lumen 12 LED Spot/Searchlight — 'As powerful as 7 car headlamps'


What's amazing to me is its size: 6.5 inches diameter x 7.5 inches long.

That's some flashlight, what?


From the website:

FoxFury Sunbolt 6 Mega 11,000 Lumen LED Spot/Searchlight

FoxFury’s breakthrough LED Mega Spotlight is as powerful as 7 car headlamps and can provide visibility for several miles.

This 6.5"-diameter spotlight projects very little heat despite producing an incredible 11,000 lumens.


The Sunbolt 6’s LED technology offers instant full power lighting when turned on, eliminating the need for a warming up period.

Subsequently, it requires no cool down time when powered off.

The Sunbolt 6 is weather- and waterproof, handling submersion down to 16 feet (5m) and enabling enhanced efficiency in water rescue and other aquatic applications.


The Mega Spotlight comes with a power supply with power consumption of less than 200 watts.

The Sunbolt 6’s optional lithium polymer battery (600 Watt-Hour; sold separately) provides 3 hours of autonomy.

Applications include military, tactical, homeland security, fire, rescue and industrial.

Custom-built: 4-6 weeks until delivery.


• Naked eye distance vision = 1.2 miles (2 km)

• Housing material: 6061-T6 black aluminum

• Dimmable (at power supply)

• Diameter: 6.5" (170 mm)

• Length: 7.5" (180 mm)

• Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)

• Boom or pole mount

• 24 foot/7.3 m cable

• Yoke = +/- 45° tilt

• 18° focused beam

• Impact-resistant

• 12 white LEDs

• Instant on/off



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whocanisue.com — 'launching next month'


What took so long?

[via Gear Diary]

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22-Karat Gold-Thread Dog Mattress


Magniflex, the Italian company that makes it, some two years ago began offering its $24,000-and-up Gold Mattress for people.

They haven't exactly flown off the shelves: "Not quite 100 of the mattresses —€” which have a cover woven with 22-karat gold thread and which cost from $24,000 for the queen size to $30,000 for the king —€” have been sold worldwide since the firm introduced them two years ago," wrote Joyce Wadler in yesterday's New York Times.

Perhaps this $1,000€–$3,000 canine iteration (above, supporting Marco Magni, global sales director of Magniflex and youngest son of the company's founder, and his dog Ghemon), just introduced last week in Las Vegas, will do the trick.

Call Magniflex on 646-330-5483 to get yours.

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Global real-time disaster alert map


Right here.

Partial key below.


[via Amanda Ripley, author of "The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes — And Why"]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Cypher — by Tim Morgan


Currently on display at the Cass Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood, West Sussex, England.

Glass rods with a stainless steel rim.


250 cm Ø (8 feet 2 inches).

Edition of 3.



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Durian Chocolates



From Salamin:

    Durian Chocolates

    My sister, fresh from Malaysia, has brought us a lot of souvenirs and goodies bought in Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. How sweet! Among the things she gave us was a box of chocolates — with a twist! Ever heard of the King of Fruit, otherwise known as durian? Now this is something I haven’t heard of before (pardon the ignorance) — durian chocolates!

    The chocolates come in three varieties [pictured below].

    My daughter gobbled up the twirly-shaped chocolate and immediately declared it "oishii." Oh really. I tried it myself, but couldn’t seem to agree with the rather strange taste! It tasted like durian, of course. It’s the combination with the dark, bitter chocolate that makes it rather strange. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. In fairness, the white heart-shaped one tasted better.



[via mgdalope]

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