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August 20, 2008

NeutonPower 6.2 Lawn Mower is TechnoDolt©™®-Friendly

No question about it after watching Tom Hughes put the company's new flagship through its paces (above).

No gas, no oil, no spark plugs, no engine maintenance, no emissions, cordless, runs for an hour after an eight-hour charge.


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Cord Lock Light


It is what it says.

From the website:

Cord Lock Light


Add functionality to any gear — jackets, backpacks, sleeping bags or stuff sacks.

Extra security and safety for backpackers, joggers, campers and climbers.

Water resistant construction — perfect for use in wet conditions.


Triple function light: High/Low/Flash.

Tech specs here.


Apply within.

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Zach Beane's movie box office charts: When stream graphs met Edward Tufte


"These pages (HTML and PNG images) were created by a Common Lisp program. The Vecto library was used for the vector graphics."

"Mouse over to see titles."

[via Milena Castulovich]

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Conversion-Chart Spatula



From the website:

Conversion-Chart Spatula — Ends Hunting Through Cookbooks

Conversion-Chart Silicone Spatula has liquid measurement conversions on one side, dry on the other.


2½"-wide curved non-stick head scoops every last bit out of bowls and pans.

12½"L with wooden handle.

Heat-safe to 600°F.



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Notes on granular thinking (first of an occasional series)


For a long time now I've been thinking about whether things are predetermined or the result of "free will" — whatever that means in these days of fMRI experiments which seem to show that our intentions are already in place before we become conscious of them.

More and more the "we're all characters in some advanced civilization's version of 'Spore'" hypothesis best fits the data.

Nevertheless, I continue to ponder fate and chance and predetermination and how viewing life through a particular lens changes not only the life but also the very nature of the lens itself.

More to follow.

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BehindTheMedspeak (as it were): Hemorr-Ice — 'Simply apply the chilled inserter for two to five minutes'


Be more chill.

As it were.

From the website:


    Not a suppository, not an ointment, but a new clinically-tested method of treating hemorrhoids with cold therapy.

    Hemorr-Ice has a special cooling liquid sealed inside so it acts like an ice pack on your hemorrhoid.

    Shrinks blood vessels, reduces bleeding and promotes healing of inflamed tissues.

    Simply apply the chilled inserter for two to five minutes.

    Provides fast relief from pain, itching and bleeding.

    Safe to use as often as desired.


I figure it can't hurt and it might help so if you're in the market for something along these lines, might as well go for it.


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Ball — 'It came from Australia'


Didn't work?

Try here.

[via Jon Haas, my correspondent-at-large]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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