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August 10, 2008

Eva Mendes, where art thou?


The actress's recent stint in rehab appears to have included an intervention by a celebrity plastic surgeon.

The photo above appears on the cover of today's Parade magazine Sunday newspaper insert.

Compare her now-generic prettiness with her unique pre-under-the-knife look below —


especially her nose, which was her best feature.

In my opinion, at least.

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It is a lie! It is just a camera angle Joe...I mean no doctor would cut into that without risking losing his license. You CAIN'T change that and have an ounce of aesthetic value in your head...

Still, Eva, if you were twice as ugly you'd be better than anything I or Joe could ever find. Well...maybe Joe. Damn...I need a drink...if only the above Eva were real I'd invite her here to see what real substance abuse is like. If only hot actresses went for 30 something drunken academics I'd be set...luckily, I have naive co-eds to dry my tears.

Posted by: clifyt | Aug 11, 2008 6:10:01 PM

This is absolutely absurd...lies lies lies! I've never once been under the knife, and I was not in rehab for substance abuse. Enough is enough! Eva Mendes

Posted by: eva mendes | Aug 11, 2008 4:21:02 PM

Agreed! Mendes was an exotic hottie before...

Likewise, Meg Ryan is nearly hideous now - her sexy cuteness now nip/tucked out of existence. Sad, sad, sad... Reminds me of Jennifer Grey. Sure, she's pretty now, but in a generic way. She was distinctly pretty before the needless nosejob. Women need to stop jacking with their faces so much in the mad dash to look alike - different is good.

And for God's sake, somebody please make Portia de Rossi stop screwing with her eyebrows! Everytime I see her, I hear circus music! (She has the eyebrows of Bozo the Clown!)

Posted by: Rob O. | Aug 10, 2008 9:25:09 PM

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