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August 8, 2008

22-Karat Gold-Thread Dog Mattress


Magniflex, the Italian company that makes it, some two years ago began offering its $24,000-and-up Gold Mattress for people.

They haven't exactly flown off the shelves: "Not quite 100 of the mattresses —€” which have a cover woven with 22-karat gold thread and which cost from $24,000 for the queen size to $30,000 for the king —€” have been sold worldwide since the firm introduced them two years ago," wrote Joyce Wadler in yesterday's New York Times.

Perhaps this $1,000€–$3,000 canine iteration (above, supporting Marco Magni, global sales director of Magniflex and youngest son of the company's founder, and his dog Ghemon), just introduced last week in Las Vegas, will do the trick.

Call Magniflex on 646-330-5483 to get yours.

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