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August 10, 2008

Got big hair? Barbecue Ball Cap


Nice mashdown.

Think outside the barbecue space.

From the website:

    Barbecue Ball Cap

    A backyard twist on a 400-year-old classic

    Toque blanche, the French call this imposing hat, a mark of culinary mastery for 400 years.

    While we admire the traditional design, we felt it wasn’t as functional as it could be for backyard barbecue usage.

    So we created this Barbecue Ball Cap in 100% cotton twill — just as grand as the classic French version, but with a bill that shields your brow from the sweltering sun.

    Band adjusts to fit the head of most any grillmeister.

    Note: Many toques have exactly 100 pleats, supposedly the number of ways a chef can prepare an egg — we lost count of the pleats on ours at sixty-something.

    Includes wicking sweatband.


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