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August 17, 2008

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Online shopping hack


I can't speak for you but me, I get awfully tired of filling out forms online when I want to buy something.

Yeah, yeah, Autofill works great — sometimes.

But some sites don't work with it and then you're back to entering all your personal information line by line.


Last week I had an inspired thought (I get one on average every few months).

See if I can find the item on Amazon, then use One-Click to buy it without all the rigmarole.


So far it's worked three out of three times, most recently when I purchased a pair of Seat Assists (top), featured here on July 12 of this year.

Same price but no muss, no fuss — this is how we do it here from now on.

This nifty hack should be even more useful for those who shop using their iPhones — one click sure beats using the virtual keyboard, what?

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