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August 11, 2008

Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times 'Technopolis' columnist extraordinaire, sorts me out


Margolis's column in the FT's "How To Spend It" magazine is my favorite feature in the paper.

Therefore I am doubly appalled to have messed up my facts in my July 13, 2008 post headlined "World's most expensive AV cable," in which I attributed this claim to Margolis's FT column of the previous day.

Margolis wrote back, "The information that I made this erroneous claim is itself erroneous! It's a fantasy. I made no such claim."

He's correct.

Here's what he wrote: "I must put in a plug (ha ha) for the cables that I was sent with the speakers, from Nordost (www.nordost.com), whose cables can cost up to £16,500 a pair. These were from its Red Dawn range, at a more sensible £575 for a 2-metre pair, worth it to give such magnificent speakers a fair chance."

Note that nowhere did he address the matter of the world's most expensive AV cable.

My apology to Margolis for my muck-up.

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Damn! Anything else out of date -- car, jewelry, entertainment center, sterling flatware, anything?
And how would I apply for a cleaning lady position?

Posted by: Flamendicant | Sep 7, 2008 4:01:29 PM

Technopolis, one of my favorite columns from "How to Spend it", gave me the idea that all my audio equipement was out of date so I gave it to my cleaning lady. Now I need help on what to replace it with. All I want to do is listen to my CD's and I want it to be small. I have those Bose docking stations all over for the iPod but I would like something better for my collection of classical music CD's.

Plus, my husband isn't happy about this. He said the idea was to find a replacement then give it away. So any advice will be welcomed.

Posted by: Barbara Lange | Sep 7, 2008 3:28:58 PM

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