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August 12, 2008

Sphere Table


Custom-made from high-grade aluminum, stove-enameled and chrome-plated to suit your color scheme.

Composed of 394 precision-engineered spheres, each 70mm in diameter (optional tinted glass top).

Designed by Lee J. Rowland, majordomo of Rowland Art Engineering.

Specifications: 55"L x 36"W x 16"H; 528 pounds (240 kilograms).

Installation class: Semi-permanent [how very British].

Turnaround: 10-12 weeks.

£23,000 ($45,000).

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Sphere Table, more like a Sphere Table for squares from squareville.

Posted by: Rocketboy | Aug 12, 2008 5:36:45 PM

528 lbs???? I guess there will be no question of ever moving the coffee table.

Posted by: Milena | Aug 12, 2008 1:44:14 PM

For $45,000, I know a guy that will lay down on all fours and let you put drinks on his back year-round.

Posted by: JMT | Aug 12, 2008 11:42:33 AM

Who needs an optional glass top? By the time the corn chip & pizza crumbs and household lint and spilled cokes & milkshakes and cat hair and foot debris all get packed down in between those spheres, you'll have a nice flat surface. Until things start growing in there.

Posted by: Flautist | Aug 12, 2008 9:53:59 AM

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