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August 15, 2008

What is the black stuff on beach volleyballer Kerri Walsh's right shoulder? Mystery solved


My crack research team was assigned to bring back an answer to this question after yesterday's US v Belgium tilt, during which, once again, not a word was spoken by the TV announcers about what the intricate black pattern on Ms. Walsh's right shoulder (above and below) — the site of surgery last November to repair a torn rotator cuff — was all about.


This morning they presented the results of their latest all-nighter (a more and more frequent occurrence around here as we gear up to enter the ever more rarified air of the blogging heights).

They happened upon a post by Craig on fishstripes.com that appeared to offer definitive information.

An excerpt follows.


"Oh, in case you were wondering what that black stuff is on Kerri Walsh's shoulder, it is Kinesiotape. The pattern of the tape being used is to support the rotator cuff. Baseball pitchers aren't the only ones who have rotator cuff problems. The good news is that beach volley players are the only ones who wear bikinis so you can see it."


According to Ms. Walsh in today's USA Today story by David Leon Moore, the tape increases circulation in her shoulder joint, which is also receiving acupuncture treatments twice daily.


Get yours (Kinesiotape, sillybilly ... sheesh) here.

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