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September 8, 2008

Cool or creepy? Michael Paulus invites your scrutiny


Long story short:


"Michael Paulus decided to dissect ...


[iconic cartoon figures]


like science does to all living objects —


trying to come to an


understanding as to their origins


and true physiological makeup.


Possibly to better understand them


and see them in a new light for what they are."


"Mike Paulus is an artist and filmmaker and sometimes music composer/arranger and a dropout from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, currently living in Portland, Oregon."

[via funnbee.info and Milena]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Schoolgirl Tiana Walton shatters world record for most snails on face


Long story short: Tiana (above and below, setting her new record of 25) shattered the previous record of 15 held by Australian Liam Kenny, and her feat will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Read the August 29, 2008 Daily Mail story for details; it follows.

Schoolgirl smashes the world record as she lets 25 snails slide across her face

There will be no need for a slow-motion replay to confirm this record-breaking feat.

Schoolgirl Tiana Walton has slithered into the record books — for having the most snails on her face at once.


Nine-year-old Tiana, who loves animals, bravely allowed 25 of the slimy creatures to cover her eyes, nose and mouth.

She smashed the previous record of 15, held by Australian Liam Kenny, and her unusual feat will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Her previous personal best was just nine.

The rules state that competitors have just one minute to put the snails on their face before tipping their head forward for 10 seconds.

Tiana, of Alvanley, Cheshire, said: "I am not squeamish. It is relaxing but it feels a bit cold. They are quite smelly and you can see their big long eyes facing you. I think my friends at school will say 'urgh'."

Local vet Ken Robinson witnessed the attempt and ensured no snails were harmed. He said: "It is a superb achievement and all the snails have been treated to a gourmet meal."

Tiana said her next ambition is to become an Olympic gymnast.


Setting records runs in the family as Tiana’s mother, Tommy [sic], herself appeared in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 1980 for growing the largest lemon in the world, weighing 3 lb. 14 oz.....................

[via wtbw.net]

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Slim Chips are made of paper — 'Tastes great, less filling'


From the fertile brain of Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Júlíusson comes this new revolutionary comestible, offering a tasty low — spell it no — cal alternative to the usual junk foods that make up the bulk of my diet as well as those of most of the people I'm still on speaking terms with.

But I digress.


Writes Júlíusson, "Slim Chips are good and they contain no calories. Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors. It's like eating tasty air. Slim Chips are made out of edible paper and pure organic tastes."


They come in three great flavors: Peppermint, Blueberry and Sweet Potato — try 'em all!


Perfect side dish when you're serving Soylent Green for your main course.

Great source of fiber, too.

[via Milena]

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Exactitudes = 'Exact + Attitudes'


200 rows x 96 columns of people, in groups of 12.

See for yourself.

[via Milena]

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OXO Wine Pourer/Stopper


Nicely done.

From the website:

    OXO Wine Pourer/Stopper

    Wine stays fresh and is easy to pour with this combination stainless steel stopper/pourer from OXO.

    When the lever is down the rubber stopper seals in flavor for short-term storage — lift the lever for drip-free pouring.

    3-3/4"L x 1-1/2" wide stopper fits most bottles.

    Dishwasher safe.


$14.99 (wine included? What do you think? Honestly...).

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I said be careful your cellphone is really a boarding pass


You could look up.

In today's USA Today Roger Yu writes, "Air France has launched electronic boarding passes on mobile phones for passengers on the Paris Charles de Gaulle-Amsterdam Schiphol route. Passengers who check in via its mobile Internet site — mobile.airfrance.com — can elect to receive their boarding-pass barcode as a text message or e-mail on their smartphones. Passengers then display their boarding pass to agents to check in baggage, proceed through security checkpoints and board the flight."

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Skull Toilet Brush


From the website:

    Skull Toilet Brush & Holder

    This voodoo mini-skull-topped brush stands in an eerily life-sized and freakishly accurate skull holder as a hilarious bathroom accent.

    Brush is 10½"H; skull base is 8½" in diameter.

    Resin and plastic.


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