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September 9, 2008

Chocolate Oysters


Not part of a bad fever-dream but, rather, a specialty of a shop on Market Street in Apalachicola, Florida.

Diane Roberts wrote, in a story appearing on the front page of this past Sunday's Washington Post Travel section, "Now, this bonbon is not like a turtle, which we all know contains nuts and caramel but not a trace of terrapin flesh. No, I'm talking about an actual oyster, dipped in good Valrhona chocolate. When I asked the man who makes them if he likes chocolate oysters, he said, 'No. It's the kind of item people come in and buy for other people.'"

You could look it up.

But then you could also have my nonpareil crack research team hot on the trail of these oysters, only to come up with the following December 15, 2007 comment on a post on seriouseats.com: "A must visit in Apalachicola is the Chocolate Factory [sic] on Market St. The shop owner is a truly nice guy. The chocolate is incredible. Try a chocolate oyster (contains no oyster)."

Well, which is it?

Oyster or no oyster?

My crack research team isn't very good interpersonally so I grabbed the proverbial bit between my teeth this morning and picked up the clue phone, dialing the shop (850-370-6937) direct.

A man answered on the first ring.

He just happened to be master chocolate maker George George Stritikus, founder-owner of the Apalachicola Chocolate Company.

We had a nice chat about this and that and I popped the question: "Oyster or no oyster?"

He replied, "Do you want the real answer or what I tell tourists who stop by?

I said I could handle one of each.

So that's what he gave me (answers, booboo — not chocolate oysters. Sheesh.).

And no — I'm not going to tell you if there's a real oyster inside or not.

Why should I?

What have you done for me lately, huh?

I can already envision the vituperative emails and comments sure to follow if I leave things like this.

So okay, then: no oyster.


The Apalachicola Chocolate Company (below) is at 61 Market Street.


They're open Monday–Saturday from 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Email: gstritikus@aol.com

Say hi to George should you stop by.

You can even tell him I sent you.

He's got a great sense of humor, not to worry.

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