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September 28, 2008

SaferCar.gov — 'The nation's premier source of vehicle safety information from the government'


Just unveiled on this highly informative website funded entirely by our federal tax dollars, a new feature that, as the Associated Press reported, "... will allow consumers to look up the number of alleged deaths, injuries and cases of property damage involving passenger vehicles."

"In July, a federal appeals court ruling barred the government from withholding key data reported by manufacturers."

No doubt such information was withhold for our own good because we wouldn't really understand it.

"Consumer groups have sought the information, which was part of legislation passed by Congress following the massive recall of Firestone tires in 2000. The law was devised to help the government quickly detect potential trends in car accidents. It required manufacturers to provide data on complaints of deaths, injuries, property damage and warranty claims."

Well, the new information is a start, anyway.

Look for continued stalling and delaying from the car companies as they try to prevent anything more than the bare minimum mandated by law from seeing the light of day.

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