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October 6, 2008

8 lifetime subscriptions


In alphabetical order, artists whose books/movies I'll buy the day they come out until either I or the authors/director crump.

1. Lorraine Adams

2. Joan Brady

3. Charles Cumming

4. William Gibson

5. Werner Herzog

6. Larry Kolb

7. John le Carré

8. Gerald Seymour

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Petit Coeur (Little Heart) — by Etienne Meneau


Verre à boire (drinking glass).


Limited edition of 12 (8 numbered and


signed by the artist; 4 artist's proofs).


Capacity: 20 ml; 20cm (8.5") H; borosilicate glass.


€1500 ($2,025; £1,165).

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When Homer Simpson met Vermeer


[via araquebelagua.com and trendhunter]

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Tighty Whitey


From the website:

    Tighty Whitey

    Hey, Homey... aren't you showing a little too much of those undies?

    Take a hint, Home Boy: your tightey whities don't cut it with the baggy look!

    Unique one-piece design includes authentic athletic top, real denim pants and very noticeable skivvies.


Am I the only one here who thinks Flautist might pop for these?

And another thing: absent a zipper in back, are you supposed to get in and out through the neckhole?

See, joe, that's why you need us: of course not.

What do you think the armholes are for?

If you're left-handed you use the left one and if you're right-handed use the right.

Silly Billy.

But I have mixed dominance.

Go away.


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Who says Uncle Sam can't dance? U.S. Department of State now on Twitter


You could look it up.

Here's Hilary Howard's item from yesterday's New York Times Travel section "Comings and Goings" column with more.

    State Dept. Information Is Now on Twitter

    The State Department has begun posting its country profiles and travel advisories on Twitter.

    “We believe Twitter and other social networking sites offer us a cutting-edge way to share information on international travel more broadly, especially among young American travelers,” said Janice Jacobs, assistant secretary for consular affairs, in an e-mailed statement. She also noted that the State Department has a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Washington-DC/US-Department-of-State/15877306073.

    The department’s Twitter account, at twitter.com/CSIState, will send travel updates to Twitter members once they’ve registered with the page.


I wonder if your registration information becomes available to other branches of the federal government you might not otherwise choose to be in contact with.

Probably just my paranoia, I'm sure there's no such thing as cross-agency access.


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World's First Bulletproof Gentleman's Pocket Square — Limited Edition


Offered solely in military grade lemon Kevlar Aramid, it was created by Sruli Recht who writes, "This 'pocket protector' of the Modern Ages limits in quantity to an edition of 10. Numbered each from i/x through to x/x, devised and instituted personally for the Liborius Trading Boutique. Two qualities of bound edge have been dispatched: Five in Raw Golden Silk and Five in Citric French Cotton."


"The 21st century ninja dandy bulletproof handkerchief made of Kevlar is exclusively sold at Liborius. The store and designer take NO responsibility for schmucks and woodenheads who feel compelled to test the endurance or resistance of the textile in any way."


Apply within.

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Yahoo's secret customer service number is



I guess maybe now it's not so secret — I mean, at least 17 people are likely to see this post.

Randall Stross, in his "Digital Domain" column in yesterday's New York Times, wrote, "Yahoo says it offers phone support for its free e-mail service 'in some cases,' but it does not publish the phone number; it is revealed to the user in distress only after e-mail communication fails to resolve the problem."


I'll bet Stross has the number and could've published it but didn't because 1) Yahoo in response might not be nearly as open with him for future stories and 2) publishing the number in the Times would result in Yahoo's instantly changing it.

Remember what I wrote last month about how secrets and loopholes remain effective only as long as they're not widely broadcast?

Same principle.

Anyhow, noodling around online, I found the following at supportsentry.com:

    Yahoo! Customer Service Phone Number

    They should have an award to see who can find a place on the Yahoo website for the customer service telephone number in the least amount of time. I have personally spent at least an hour of my own time looking for it, and I have not been able to do it. So, this is where the power of the internet can really pay off. We have heard from hundreds of people who have shared the same frustration we have when trying to find the Yahoo customer service number since we posted this page. So, we decided to add a forum so that people can share information and stories about Yahoo customer service and the ever elusive phone number. Our new Yahoo customer service forums are a place for you to talk to other people who may be able to help when Yahoo! doesn't seem to want to.


At that point (last evening around 8 p.m.) it was about time for the Steelers-Jaguars game to begin so I put on my game face and told my crack research team to continue the hunt for the secret number and write it down so I could doublecheck that it worked before posting it here today.

Long story short: They got it and it works (Monday through Friday, 6.a.m.–6.p.m. PST).

To repeat: 866-850-4303.

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Sleeping Bag Slippers


From the website:

Baffin® Cush® Booties

Like sleeping bags for your feet


Baffin Cush Booties are a different breed of slipper.

Slip-resistant nylon outsoles won't let you down on slick surfaces — yet they're still soft enough to wear inside your tent or sleeping bag without snagging or tearing up your gear.


Up top, super-cozy faux-shearling wraps each foot, surrounded by an outer layer of weather-resistant nylon, while quick-lock cinches keep in the warmth.


Super lightweight, they roll up nearly flat in a pack or suitcase.

Great for camping, traveling or just cabin-ing.



From the top: Merlot, Tobacco, Black, Dusk, Fern, Mango; also in Espresso, Navy and Pink.




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