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October 13, 2008

Botanica Magnifica — by Jonathan Singer


It's a limited-edition (10 copies), five-volume double-elephant folio containing 250 of the photographer's intensely colored images of flowers, an example of which (a Chinese tree peony) appears above.

The first copy was donated to the Smithsonian and is on display in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. until October of this year.

The second copy has been sold for $2.5 million.

Laura Yao interviewed Singer for an August 31, 2008 Washington Post story.

Interested in one of the remaining eight copies of his book?


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Tokujin Yoshioka's Natural Crystal Chair — Can he grow one for you?


Long story short:


The Japanese designer (above and below)


forms the skeleton (below)


from a polymer elastomer,


then submerges it in a tank and voila —


a chair!


Pretty amazing.

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James Bond Stamps


Released on January 8 of this year by the Royal Mail to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birth.


The stamp designs include the Pan paperback covers from 1963,


first editions from Jonathan Cape and 2006 Penguin reprints.

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Wrapping Tripod


No, not that kind of rapping, silly billy.

From the website:

Wrap/Micro Tripod Combo

Wrap and micro-tripod attach to camera so you’re always ready to shoot


Perfect for vacations, our smart Wrap/Micro-Tripod Combo is an ultra-slim camera case and steady tripod all-in-one.

Just mount to camera via the tripod socket and it stays put even while you take the shot — then wrap it up and go.

Stretchy neoprene wrap with thin metal baseplate attaches to most compact cameras up to 1” thick.


The mini camera tripod extends a stable platform for timer shots.

Die-cast aluminum with high polish finish and non-marking feet.

Device rotates for access to battery or memory card slots without need for removal.



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BehindTheMedspeak: How many internal organs can you name in five minutes?


No peeking.

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Butt Station Desktop Organizer — Episode 2: Name Change + Price Break


A little over one year ago, on October 1, 2007 at 1:01 p.m. I featured this weird multi-functional tool, then called the "Butt Station Desktop Organizer."

Apparently it wasn't what you'd call a smash so now the price is slashed nearly in half to move 'em out.

They changed the name too, figuring we wouldn't connect the dots.


They don't know whom they're dealing with.

From the website:

    Desk Buddy

    It’s a pleasure doing business with our desk "buddy."

    Organizing your desk just got easier and a whole lot more fun with this one-of-a-kind "assistant."

    Colorful character holds a tape roll, note pad, pens and paper clips in one amusing, space-saving unit.

    He'll be quite the conversation piece at home or the office.

    Supplies not included.




As Dorothy Parker is said to have remarked upon being informed that Calvin Coolidge had died, "How could they tell?"



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Journalist Express — 'News & research portal for reporters'


You could do worse for a homepage.

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Rasp Ring


"Ladders in your tights, caused by your ripped nails … and on your way to an important date? With the fantastic Rasp Ring these situations will be a thing of the past — because you’ll have your rasp always with you!"


From a website:

Nail File Ring


A torn fingernail can do many bad things, contributing to many unwanted accidents — we all know that.

Of course, the one time we don’t have our emery board on us is the one time we damage a nail.

This nail file, cleverly disguised as a ring, has solution written all over it.

The stainless steel ring's business surface has a sapphire rasp coating.

No more panic attacks over a broken nail!


Three sizes.


[via Trendhunter and Elit Alice]

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