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October 19, 2008

BehindTheMedspeak: iAnesthesia — it's a gas gas gas


Just 11 days ago, on October 8, 2008, I featured John Ballinger's nifty new iPhone heart monitor app.

Then last week Tyler Hilker emailed me as follows:

    hey there,

    i got your name/blog from mark bean who commented on my blog post about this iphone app one of my friends co-created.

    iAnesthesia is a case log tracking application that has been designed from an end-user perspective.

    from the site (because i'm not a doctor): With iAnesthesia, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to:

    • Record a new anesthesia case log on the fly, even if you don't have a wireless connection (your iPhone will sync data to the CaseLogs server once it regains connectivity)

    • Browse your case log history to quickly find a patient record and open the entry for easy editing (your anesthesia records are organized chronologically)

    • Review totals on your phone to identify how many arterial lines, fiberoptic intubations, trauma cases, etc. you have performed

    • Work with a wide range of predefined data entry fields covering the most important information that anesthesia providers need to capture for every procedure

    • Customize the new case log entry screen to place the most used fields at the top of each screen or hide unused fields, making data entry as simple as possible (and accomplished in the shortest amount of time)

    i have cc'd dr. trask on this email in case you'd like to speak with him further. i know he would greatly appreciate any feedback you have regarding iAnesthesia.

    thanks for your time!



iAnesthesia is $19.99 at iTunes stores everywhere.


If only there were an iPhone app that would do my cases for me....

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Instant Eye Shadow Sheet


What's that music I'm hearing?

Holly E. Thomas reviewed this new Avon product in today's Washington Post as follows:

    Avon Instant Eye Shadow Sheets

    As an eye shadow hoarder, I've got a collection that would make even Roy G. Biv jealous. I know the secret to a great smoky eye is to blend — and blend, and blend some more. And I have a veritable arsenal of brushes, from teensy to fluffy to slanted to spongy. So I approached Avon's mapped-out, rub-on eye shadow papers with a bit of skepticism. After all, I'm a beauty tester. Shouldn't my abilities be more advanced than color-by-number?

    I pressed the paper sheet over my eyes, rubbed with my fingertips and peeked in the mirror, and — surprise! — it worked. Well, one disclaimer: At first I looked like a scary clown. But after a few seconds of blending the soft pink, dove gray and plum shades with my index finger, I had a simple, flattering look that was perfect for work.

    It's not rocket science, that's for sure. But for your morning routine, why should it be?


14 sheets in any of 8 colors: $9.

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Powers of 10

The cutting edge as viewed from the perspective of 1977, when Charles and Ray Eames unveiled it.

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Key Light


This is the sort of thing that, once you have it, you wonder how you ever did without it.

From the website:

Key Light


No more fumbling in the dark to unlock your door — just let our compact Key Light lead the way.

Durable polycarbonate case snaps onto any standard house key and includes a loop to attach to keychain.


Handy for use in the car, home, or anywhere you need a bit of portable light.

The built-in LED light shines a powerful beam exactly where you need it.


$7.95 (key not included. I mean, come on — think about it).

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There is no x in eczema


You could look it up.

Or just take my word for it.

In any case, remember this FunFact next time you're in a spelling bee, it may prove to be your ticket to victory.

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Prep Taxi


No, it's not a term of art from Curtis Sittenfeld's wildly successful first novel but, rather, a kitchen implement you never knew you needed until now.

From the website:

    Prep Taxi with Measuring Cup

    Precisely measure chopped vegetables and herbs, diced meats and grated cheeses.

    Simply chop, scoop, measure and transfer to pan or bowl with ease.

    Ergonomic design provides total hand comfort.

    Measures in one and two cup increments.

    Made from heavy-duty food-safe plastic.



$10.99 (green peppers not included).

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Rick Reilly to join PTI?

If he doesn't take over for Kornheiser or Wilbon should one of the two principals of the only daily show on TV worth watching decide to bag it, they might as well just discontinue it.

The endless parade of idiots ESPN is forced to sub in when the main event(s) is/are away/off is so collectively awful the show becomes unwatchable.

The network would do better to simply not offer the program when both Kornheiser and Wilbon (or Reilly as a fill-in) aren't there.

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What are they?








time tomorrow.

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