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October 22, 2008

2 Carat Cup — 'Drink more bling'


From the website:

2 Carat Cup

Here's a great way to start the day — a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up!

But wait, that's not all, here's the best part —


the 2-Carat Cup is packed in an elegant oversize jewelry box so when you present it as a gift, all you see is the ring!

A great cup, a terrific gift, a charming social expression — this one's got it all.

White porcelain with gold or platinum glaze and clear sparkling Swarovski crystal, individually boxed with removable wrapper.


Please note that I am not responsible for what happens after you give this to someone who's been expecting "the ring."

I'm just saying, is all.


[via Alistair Why]

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