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October 17, 2008



For less than the average co-pay you can download whatever you need to play hooky for the day.

You get a pack of 30 excuse notes including a number from specialist "physicians," notices that you've been called for jury duty and — should you need to really pull out the big guns — a funeral pamphlet that includes a photo of the "deceased" and a lovely poem.


"Package includes: Cardiologist's Note; Chiropractor's Note; Classic Dr. Note; Dermatologist Note; ENT Doctor Note; E.R. Doctor Note; Gynecologist Note [I recommend you not use this one if you're a guy]; Podiatrist Note; Urologist Note; Oral Surgery Note; Classic Medical Note; Mental Health Note; Prescription Note; Hospital Printout; Bonus Materials."

"All of our products are for entertainment use only," says the website.

"We do not condone intentional false absence from an employer or educational institution."

Me neither.



[via the October 2008 issue of Physicians Practice]

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