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October 17, 2008

Google's Forgotten Attachment Detector (It's not what you think)


It was the September 25, 2008 tech "Tip of the Week" from nonpareil New York Times Computer columnist J.D. Biersdorfer, and follows.

    Tip of the Week

    Gmail Labs has plenty of experimental features including the Forgotten Attachment Detector, which warns if your message mentions an attachment, but the services senses no files attached.

    Turn it on by logging into Gmail, clicking on the Settings link and clicking on Labs. Scroll down and click to enable the Forgotten Attachment Detector.


Here's my TechnoDolt™-friendly translation for the rest of us.

1) Click on Gmail (above and to the left of the Google logo below)


2) Click on Settings (below, far right)


3) Click on Labs (below, far right),


then scroll down to Forgotten Attachment Dectector (top of this post)

4) Enable it

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