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October 26, 2008



From the website:


    Not just a flashlight but a clever "Tri-Light" that prevents the dangerous stumbles and falls all too common with ordinary single-beam flashlights.

    In addition to seeing what’s 10, 20 or 30 feet ahead, NightWalker’s second beam also reveals what’s right at your feet so, for example, you won’t trip over a box in the basement when you go down to check the circuit breakers in a power failure.

    Comes with a high-output Luxeon LED in front that is 10X more powerful than ordinary LEDs — and never needs replacing.

    The second beam uses two downward-firing LEDs to show you where to step.

    A third LED acts as a flashing-red taillight which can be switched on to make you highly visible to traffic approaching from behind during an evening stroll.

    Produces 13 hours of light from three AA batteries (included).

    Gasket-sealed for use in inclement weather.




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