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October 8, 2008

Plug & Socket Halloween Costume


My editorial board took over two weeks to decide this item was inappropriate for bookofjoe.

Then last evening I fired them all and reversed their decision.


Because I could.

From websites:

    His & Her Plug & Socket Costume

    An 'electrifying' Halloween get-up!

    Everyone will get a charge out of this shocking display of togetherness.

    She wears a pull-over shift-style sheath with pockets while he gets a pull-up plug with an elastic waistband and several feet of "cord."

    Both costumes are cloth-covered foam.

    Regular size fits most adults.



Plus Size: $44.89.

And where does it say "She" can't wear the plug and "He" the sheath?





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Rocketboy is right. Him wearing headphones and a single "jack" in front. Her with .... I'd better not go there, use your imagination.

Posted by: Ray | Oct 9, 2008 1:16:50 PM

So, just what are they going to power up when they connect??? Ain't nuttin' on the end o' dat cord!!!!

Posted by: Virginia | Oct 8, 2008 10:45:42 PM

Wow, this is wrong on so many levels.

And not on the ones that you're thinking of.

2 slots in the front below the waist?

What, was the costume made for this woman?


What's more confusing is two ports above the waist (and below the neck).

That just does not make sense at all.

Wouldn't you instead, do network or phone cords/jacks? BNC?

Posted by: Rocketboy | Oct 8, 2008 5:59:30 PM

Her sockets are a sham! Could create a serious case of blue-prongs for mister Plug.

Posted by: Flautist | Oct 8, 2008 4:18:29 PM

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