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October 3, 2008

Scanning Toaster — Eat your morning news


From a website:

Toaster burns news onto bread

Many things have appeared on toast: Marmite, Vegemite, jam and even Cylons.

Now a designer’s invented a toaster that can burn pretty much anything onto your morning slice, including the news.

The Scan Toaster connects to a PC over USB and downloads everything from local weather conditions and the current time to the morning’s news headlines.

As shown in the graphic below,


individual toasting modules — each heated by a hot wire — inside the toaster (upper left) are heated and moved about (upper center) to create the on-toast image (lower rows).

Each module can move by 30° and, once the user selects what they want on their toast — excluding a topping, of course — the modules align themselves and burn the appropriate content onto the bread.

The appliance is a finalist in design competition run by manufacturer Electrolux and designer Sung Bae Chang said he got the idea whilst — you guessed it — making some toast.

No plans to manufacture the toaster on a mass scale have popped up yet.

[via Milena]

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HUH!? That's taking it to a whole new (and ridonculous, might i add) level

Posted by: kara | Oct 6, 2008 4:25:18 AM

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