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October 18, 2008

CourseIQ.net — 'Virtual flyovers of 300 U.S. golf courses'


zoom Zoom ZOOM.

Here's Michael Hiestand's October 3, 2008 USA Today item about this new site.

    New site lets golfers zoom in on flyovers

    Although they'll still be needed to carry golf bags, technology is threatening the value of caddies.

    CourseIQ.net, launched today, offers virtual flyover views of each hole on 300 U.S. golf courses and wants users to request more courses that can be added to the site.

    Launched by San Diego-based BinaryLabs, which markets educational software, the site lets users scout out courses before they play them — or figure out good places to watch tournament play on unfamiliar courses.

    Frank Jensen, BinaryLabs CEO, says the new fee-free site is different from existing sites, which offer raw satellite photos of courses, because it lets users zoom in on photos, provides information on holes such as yardage and which way fairways might tilt — and invites golfers who've played the courses to post online tips.

    Says Jensen, who's working on his 24 handicap: "We try to add value to the flyover."

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