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November 9, 2008

Sea Organ of Zadar

Long story short: "This incredible piece of architecture is built along the coast line of the 3,000-year-old city of Zadar, Croatia. The Sea Organ of Zadar attracts thousands of tourists and locals each year with its soothing and 'meditative' lullaby. The organ was created as an architectural object to remedy the never-ending concrete wall which was the product of post-WWII reconstruction."

[via Milena]

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Voice-Activated R2-D2


Hey, it's like being in a movie!

Wait a minute....

From the website:

    Voice-Activated R2-D2

    This motorized replica of the headstrong little "droid" from the iconic "Star Wars" films responds to voice commands, navigates rooms and hallways, and makes any home feel like it has been transported to a galaxy far, far away.

    R2 obeys more than 40 voice commands ("Turn around!" "Move forward two units!") and plays games like tag, using an infrared sensor to search for people in a room.

    His sensor helps him follow behind you or it can be set to detect motion, turning R2 into a room sentry that sounds an alarm when a secured area is invaded.

    R2's lights, swiveling dome top and distinctive happy and sad sounds faithfully mimic the real thing, right down to his occasional "bad mood." (A simple command of, "R2, behave yourself!" snaps him out of it.)

    R2 can also replay sounds and dialog from Star Wars. movies, answer yes-or-no questions, and dance while playing the famed cantina music.

    Requires four AA batteries and four D batteries (not included).

    15"H x 7-1/2"W x 10-1/2"L.

    Ages 8 and up.


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The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace


"He was the greatest writer of his generation — and also its most tormented. In the wake of his tragic suicide, his friends and family reveal the lifelong struggle of a beautiful mind."

David Lipsky's October 30, 2008 Rolling Stone article is heartbreaking.

[via Russ Thompson]

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The biomorphic jewelry of Anthony Roussel


The 30-year-old British jewelry designer uses thin slices of wood or cork placed one on top of the other, then laser cuts them into intricate patterns.

Above and below,


his birch bangle and ring.

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Flying blind — Relive last week's gripping drama in the air over England


Long story short: "A 65-year-old private pilot who was left almost entirely blind when he suffered a a stroke while flying solo at more than 15,000 feet was guided to a safe landing after a Royal Air Force training plane was scrambled and its pilot talked the stricken flier down."

You could look it up.

Listen here as R.A.F. Wing Cmdr. Paul Garrard guides him down to a safe landing at Linton-on-Ouse R.A.F. base.

BBC video report here.

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Slurpabowl — Portable Pet Water Bowl



From websites:

Slurpabowl™ Portable Pet Water Bowl


Slurpabowl allows you to have a water bowl on hand for your dog — whenever and wherever.

Provides ultimate convenience for both you and your pooch — simply pop open and fill it up.

Portable reusable, 100% recyclable plastic bowls fold up small and clip to your canine’s leash.


Size when open: 2.25"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"D (5.7 x 11.4 x 11.4 cm).

Stashes easily in a purse or backpack.

Holds up to 2 cups of food or water.

Recycled plastic.


6 for $8.95.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Caramel Apple Tootsie Roll Pops


Where did these come from?

Put me down for a box.

48 for $8.88 (11th item down from the top).

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