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November 11, 2008

Visioni Interiori (Interior Visions) — Bill Viola

Fortunate indeed are those of you in or passing through Rome (Italia) through January 6, 2009, for you have the opportunity to travel through the eye and mind of the 57-year-old Californian widely considered the world's best video artist via a retrospective including 15 works made over the past 13 years, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Above and below,

"Ocean Without a Shore," which premiered at last year's Venice Biennalle.

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Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle


45 will be made.

From the website:

Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle


There's the startling, dare we say sexy, design that fuses raw power with crisp simplicity.

It's an evolution of the machine, at once taken back down to its core elements while being reinvented and re-engineered for optimal performance.


It's our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life, in the form of the limited-edition Fighter Motorcycle.

Ours exclusively courtesy of Confederate Motor Company®, the first ever Fighter packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis.


There's the 64" wheelbase, 27"H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles, and custom NM edition features.


But, honestly, ride it once and you'll be too jacked up on adrenaline to remember all the details.

39 remain.



[via Milena]

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Knitted Toilet Paper: Roll your own


Everything you need to know


is right here, courtesy of


Mochimochi Blog.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Bottle opening hack


For reasons too boring too mention I found myself in a hotel room last evening with a six-pack of chilled Clausthaler (my favorite non-alcoholic beer) and no opener.

Somehow I had forgotten the Swiss Army knife I always take on car trips and the Swiss Card in my anesthesia fanny pack had all manner of useful accessories but no bottle opener nor did the teeny-tiny Swiss Army knife I keep in my car's glove compartment feature one.


"Solve the problem with what's in the room," Edwin H. Land's credo, presented itself front and center, making a trip down the hall to the hotel's front desk to use their opener an unequivocal mark of failure.

I looked at the bottle and cap (no, it wasn't a screw-top — I mean, come on, give me just the slightest bit of credit) and wondered if a Pilot G-2 07 roller ball pen with blue ink might be the solution.

So I clicked it to expose the point and then very deliberately poked it beneath one of the bottlecap's crimped ridges — then I forcibly jammed it in as far as I could.

Foam started moving rising inside the bottle so I must've broken the seal.

Then I went around the bottle crimp by crimp and repeated the point/poke/jam routine.

And before I came around to the first entry point, the top lifted off.


No sharp objects, no danger of something slipping and hurting me and, best of all, done with what was in the room and will most always be in any room or one nearby.

There you have it.

Two final points:

1) The pen still wrote — not well, but functionally — after opening not just one but a second bottle with it


2) You will probably get results as good as mine with pens of any color — no need to search for a blue iteration should you decide to try my technique

I'm just saying, is all.

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Eye Spy Magazine — 'World's leading newsstand publication on espionage and intelligence'


No, it's not the president's daily briefing delivered every morning —


but it's as close as most of the rest of us are ever going to get without investing a whole lot of time.

[via Milena]

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Worlds within worlds — The jewelry of Jo Hayes-Ward


The 30-year-old British jeweler employs rapid prototyping technology alongside traditional jewelry techniques.


Wrote Lucie Muir in a November 8, 2009 Financial Times story, "At first glance, her most recent brooches and rings look like a simple circle


but, on closer inspection, a cityscape comes to life in 18 carat gold."

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My next treadmill


In my dreams, alas.

From the University of Tsukuba in Japan comes this beauty featuring a dome-shaped immersive virtual reality screen with a viewing angle of 270°.

Two demonstration videos here.

I would pay a lot for something like this.

[via Cliff Hatch, Ubergizmo and Newlaunches]

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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