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November 16, 2008

BehindTheMedspeak: 'To a child this is a lethal injection'


Great quarter-page ad from the November 11, 2008 New York Times.

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Playtime Clock


Created by Rita Botelho from a repurposed 16mm film container.

7"Ø x 1.5"D; quartz movement.

Apply within.

[via Milena]

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whack-job or wack-job: which is it?


The phrase appears increasingly often these days, sometimes with and sometimes without the "h."

If you put "whack-job" into Google, some 367,000 results are said to be out there.


If you put "wack-job" in, about 124,000 results are returned.

Pretty convincing case for the "h," what?


I'll address the hyphen issue another day.

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Nesting Bowls


Every time I see a picture of these I want them — not to use, just to look at.

From the website:

    Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Multicolored Bowls

    Designed by Bill Holding and Ben Cox, this practical, space saving and overall good looking set is a useful addition to any kitchen and a perfect gift for those setting up their first home.

    Made from durable melamine, it comprises two bowls, a colander, a sieve, and four measuring spoons.

    Dimensions as pictured: 12.8"W x 10.23"L x 5.3"H.




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BehindTheMedspeak: Anesthesia in 1922


Via Linda Lou Turner comes the photo above, captioned "1922. 'Surgery #12.' Another selection from the 'Surgery' series of images, this one showing an anesthesiologist administering nitrous oxide prior to the operation."

So now it's 86 years on and I still sit on a little stool and hold a mask over a patient's face and give nitrous oxide prior to the operation.

Not much has changed in that regard; what's new is the monitoring technology that now occupies the empty space behind the gas passer.

Also, I now have a multi-drawer workshop cart to hold all the masks, tubes, drugs and whatnot I might need during a case.

99% of the time, though, I could get by just fine with the little rolling table the guy in the picture's using.


I'll keep the monitors, thank you very much.

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My new favorite pencil


Pictured above and below, it's the Dixon Tri-Conderoga.


Three sides, fat, and ever so pleasant to hold, with a silky black "soft-touch" finish.


Writes like a dream.

Bonus: extra-large triangular eraser.


Bonus #2: eraser is latex-free.

Bonus #3: very cool, elegant and stealthy looking, especially with the label side down and no visible markings.


One negative: It's so large it doesn't fit in my Panasonic battery-powered pencil sharpener but instead requires using the hand-held sharpener with a suitably large orifice (top two photos) that comes with a box of the pencils.

Small price to pay for delight this immense.


12 for $4.31 (bespoke sharpener included).

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'50 great things you never knew you could do with tennis balls'


I searched in vain for one immortalized in a medical case report — complete with x-ray — some years back.


Perhaps another day.


In the meantime, this list


should give you plenty to conjure with.

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Urban Indian Bracelet


Created by Brazilian designer Mana Bernandes from acetate and rubber.

Apply within.

[via greenupgrader and Milena]

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