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November 19, 2008

TechnoDolt™ request for Gmail assistance


For reasons that will forever remain unknown to me, about three weeks ago my MacMail stopped working for incoming though it still sends perfectly well.

No matter — here we don't fool around trying to figure out why or fix it, we move on.

At the very same time MacMail became dysfunctional, I accidentally discovered in the course of my troubleshooting (now there's a word to conjure with in the case of yours truly) that Gmail had somehow activated itself and now displayed all my incoming — both email addresses you're familiar with as well as others known only to John Rain and his ilk.

It was as if MacMail had suddenly handed over the keys.

Now, it's likely that Gmail was doing that all along but I sure didn't ask it to, at least not that I know of.

Gmail's not nearly as easy to work with as MacMail but I'm able to manage.

There's just one thing I'd like to be able to do that I can't figure out: How to easily add the email address of someone who emails me to my address book.

There are a million and one places to click on the Gmail home page (top) but for the life of me I can't find one that says "Add to address book."


One of my Googleplex readers (I know of at least three — don't worry, your secrets are safe with me)?







Thomas over at USBFever?




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Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich


From websites:

    Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

    Know a passionate stargazer or amateur astronomer?

    Throwing a birthday party with a space theme?

    Send them over the moon with these freeze-dried, ready-to-eat space snacks, served on NASA spacecraft from the Mercury Missions through today.

    Remarkably, the snacks reconstitute into rich ice cream from the first bite.

99 cents.

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Best cartoon of the month — by Dan Reynolds


An unexpected gift, it came in via email yesterday from the cartoonist himself.

It's the perfect poster for one of my favorite sayings, to wit: "The bullet that kills you comes from someplace you never imagined."

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Roomba Driver

All the Zamboni spots are spoken for so this would appear to be the next best thing.

Dean Kaltsas — who sent me the link, also featured at his flagship, cupofblog — asked, "Is this Humphrey?"

I replied, "No, Humphrey's too fat —€” that thing wouldn't move if he hopped on."

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LIFE magazine photo archive now online


Free — the way we like it.

Google's just given one of the world's great photographic resources a second life.

"Most of the photographs have never been published before."

Say goodbye to the rest of the day.

Fair warning.

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Hollow Spy Coins — 'Precision Cold War Replicas'


From the website:

    Hollow Spy Coins

    Our functional hollow spy coins are all precision-machined from actual coins and to the naked eye are absolutely indistinguishable from a solid coin.

    They can be safely handled without danger of separation and could easily circulate without detection.


From $20.

[via Milena]

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Bioré Pore Pack Black — Stealthy, so no one will notice




Made in Japan.


When you think deeply about it, it makes perfect sense.


What better way to highlight your extracted detritus than on a black background?


[via Milena, grandfille174, viva woman, Pretty Beautiful and Skin Deco]

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Inflatable Fruitcake — 'Same taste, less filling'



Just the thing for those on your gift list who have nut allergies.

From the website:

    Inflatable Fruitcake

    It’s festive, it’s traditional and it’s inedible — just like the real thing.

    Each vinyl fruitcake comes deflated with a 9-1/2" x 5-1/2" envelope and a decorative sticker, making it easy to send one to all of your friends and family!

    When inflated, this icon of old-fashioned baked goods is 8-1/2" x 5" x 4-1/2" and makes a great centerpiece for the holiday dinner table.

    Go to Inflatablefruitcake.com to send an Inflatable Fruitcake in a decorative holiday envelope directly to your loved ones with your gift message.

    Your holiday shopping couldn't get any easier!


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