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November 24, 2008

'When playing music, it is possible to achieve a unique state of peace, partly due to the fact that one can control, through sound, the relationship between life and death' — Daniel Barenboim

From Barenboim's new book, "Music Quickens Time," quoted in Michael Kimmelman's November 21, 2008 New York Times interview with the maestro.


More: "Since every note produced by a human being has a human quality, there is a feeling of death with the end of each one, and through that experience there is a transcendence of all the emotions that these notes can have in their short lives; in a way, one is in direct contact with timelessness."

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Limited Edition Cupcake Beanie


From the website:

Cupcake Beanie

You’ve always been known as a sweet person — this adorable knit beanie will make you that much more memorable.


Cute detailed frosting, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

One size.




[via Milena]

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Liquid Smoking: 'The new drink that promises an instant high for smokers trying to beat the ban'


Lucy Ballinger's October 27, 2008 article in the Daily Mail Online has the details, and follows.

    Pour yourself a cigarette: The new 'Liquid Smoking' drink that promises an instant high for smokers trying to beat the ban

    It's the sort of news that will make a smoker's eyes light up.

    A company has created a fruit-flavoured herbal drink that claims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes.

    Called Liquid Smoking, it promises an instant high followed by a "euphoric calming feeling."

    It is targeted at those who can no longer light up inside public premises under the smoking ban but want to feed their cravings.

    Anti-smoking groups fear it could promote addiction at a time when the Government is trying to discourage smoking.

    The Dutch supplier, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, hopes the drink will go on sale here in the week before Christmas.

    It says it does not contain the highly addictive drug nicotine, but a potent mix of roots from South African plants, which has been used since the 14th century by bushmen.

    The bushmen would chew the concoction of leaves to achieve a high, but the producers of Liquid Smoking distilled the mix into an oil for their drink.

    United Drinks and Beauty Corporation hopes to follow Red Bull and have the product sold in pubs and bars as a mixer with spirits such as vodka.

    It has less than 21 calories per 275ml can and would cost £1.50 in shops and £2 in bars and pubs.

    There will be no lower age limit to buy it, although the makers said they did not think it should be drunk by anyone under 15.

    Chief executive of United Drinks and Beauty Corporation Martin Hartman said there was no research proving the drink was harmful in any way.

    He said the company is waiting for clearance from health authorities in Holland to be able to sell the product there.

    He said: "The product we have developed has got similar properties to nicotine, so we are trying to help people out who are affected by the ban on nicotine. People might use this instead of a cigarette or tobacco to help the cravings.

    "It is a relaxing drink, it gives a similar affect to smoking — initially you get a little boost which makes you more alert, then a euphoric, calming feeling.

    "It will take the edge off of a need for nicotine for between one to four hours.

    "I think it will help people who feel the need for nicotine in bars, restaurants, long-haul flights and on the train."

    But anti-smoking groups are not impressed. Amanda Sanford, from Action on Smoking and Health, said: "We are concerned that we have started to see a number of these novel products on the market which are supposed to be alternatives to smoking.

    "Although we welcome anything which is a genuine alternative, many of these are totally unregulated and we only have the manufacturer's word about what they contain.

    "We would be concerned about any health claims that are unsubstantiated, and at this stage we wouldn't encourage people to buy them."

    The group also criticised the packaging, which is designed to look like a pack of cigarettes, saying it could further encourage smoking.

    Concern has been growing about the effects of high caffeine drinks, such as Red Bull, on young people.

    Drunk in excess, caffeine can lead to insomnia, anxiety and hyperactivity.

    Mr Hartman stressed that Liquid Smoking has a relaxing rather than stimulating effect.


Can you imagine the insanity that would break loose if they tried to sell this product in the U.S.?

Me too.

Look for news of it any day now....

And remember where you saw it first.

[via Milena]

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Make your own steampunk gear design laptop stand


Eric Skiff will show you how.

[via Alistair Why]

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Zaha Hadid meets Lacoste


The über-architect is branching out, now into shoes: her latest fashion collaboration (she previously designed an all-rubber gladiator-style ballet pump-cum-wedge for the Brazilian label Melissa) is with Lacoste, which will offer a limited-edition pair of shoes like those pictured above in its spring 2009 collection.

The textured leather shoes are designed to wrap around the feet to allow "the evolution of dynamic fluid grids," according to Hadid, so the shoe expands and contracts to adapt to the shape of the feet.


The Zaha Hadid collection will launch in 2 phases — a limited edition pre-release of 1000 pairs will be available in boutiques and selected stockists from March 2009, with the diffusion range available in May.

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Garlic Mints — 'For extreme diseases, extreme remedies' (Hippocrates)


From the website:

    Garlic Mints

    Each gothicly-styled 2-1/4"-diameter tin contains one hundred mints guaranteed to give you the kind of garlic breath that will send vampires scurrying back to their coffins.

    Warning: consistent use of Garlic Mints may have a negative impact on your social life.


Two tins for $4.95.

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Meteor over Canada

"A bright light lit up the sky around 5:30 MT Thursday evening in Western Canada, with people reporting sightings in Alberta and Saskatchewan. People telephoned the CBC newsrooms in Edmonton and Calgary to talk about what they saw."

"'It was a really big flash, lit up the sky, and there was this huge, flaming fireball falling from the sky,' said Rowyn Windsor, 12, who lives on the Canadian Forces base in Cold Lake, Alberta, about 350 kilometres northeast of Edmonton."

The caption of the video up top: "Police dash cam of meteor over Edmonton, Canada. Filmed about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, November 20, 2008."

[via meetinx.de]

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Operatic Pasta Timer


From the catalog and website:

    'Al Dente' Pasta Timer

    Plays opera when the spaghetti is ready

    Cook this unique timer with your pasta and it will play operatic melodies at 7-, 9- and 11-minute intervals.

    No more guessing or tasting a hot noodle.

    Slip "Al Dente" into the pasta pot and after 7 minutes, he'll play 30 seconds of the "Triumphal March" from "Aida" [below].

    At 9 minutes, the "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" from "Nabucco," and at 11 minutes "La Donna è mobile" from "Rigoletto."

    Non-replaceable battery is safely sealed inside.


"As seen on Rachael Ray" — the timer, not the opera, silly billy — so you know it must be good.

The opera, well, it's all good.


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