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November 29, 2008

BehindTheMedspeak: HealthMap – 'Global disease alert map'


Miguel Helft's November 12, 2008 New York Times front page story about Google Flu Trends mentioned this site in passing; he wrote, "HealthMap, a project affiliated with the Children's Hospital Boston, scours the web for articles, blog posts and newsletters to create a map (top) that tracks emerging infectious diseases around the world."

In a Wall Street Journal article by Robert A. Guth also appearing on November 12, 2008 he wrote, "At Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital Boston, a site called HealthMap


crawls through 24,000 Web sites looking for disease-related terms. Results appear on a world map, which has colored markers for dengue fever, avian flu and other diseases."

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Angled Cutting Board

What took so long?

Once you see it it's obvious how this simple modification enhances the function of a cutting board.


Florence Fabricant reviewed it in her "Food Stuff" column in the November 12, 2008 New York Times Dining section as follows:

    A Bamboo Board for Carving au Jus

    Capturing the juices from a roasted turkey as it rests and then is carved can be a challenge, but a handsome bamboo cutting board designed by Curtis Stone, an Australian chef, makes the job easier.

    The Juicy board is pitched at enough of an angle for the juices to run into its stainless steel well. The well can be removed, so the juices can be poured directly into a saucepan. Without the well, the roomy board can be used for serving cheeses or bread. It’s also easy to clean. Williams-Sonoma stores sell the board for $99.95; the company will not have it available online until December.

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Viewdle — 'Viewdle is a facial recognition powered digital media platform for easily indexing, searching & monetizing video assets'


"Viewdle technology recognizes actual appearances of people on screen."

See how it works.

[via Kevin Kelly's essay in the November 23, 2008 New York Times Magazine]

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Start Your Engines Alarm Clock


From the website:

    Start Your Engines Alarm Clock

    This clock with AM/FM radio awakens you with the exhilarating sound of a high-powered V8 engine increasing its revolutions per minute as it cycles through four gears to top speed.

    A tachometer surrounding the digital time window has a needle that moves as the RPMs increase to its redline of 6,000 RPM.

    The engine sound grows in pitch and intensity until you press the snooze button, urging you to get out of bed.

    A headlight button allows you to illuminate the time and tachometer display for easy viewing at night; backlight turns off after 10 seconds.

    Requires three AA batteries (not included) or can plug into AC with an adapter (not included).

    4"H x 5"W x 6-1/2"D.


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A DirecTV feature I'd like to see


What with Vudu, TiVo, Slingbox and their ilk, there's all manner of technology to move beyond simply turning on your TV and watching whatever happens to be on.

One thing I wish existed is the ability to watch one channel on DirecTV while simultaneously listening to another.

That way I could enjoy the visuals of Smithsonian HD (267) while listening to Sirius Symphony Hall (864).

Other times I'd opt for other combos.

AV mashups all the time, that's what it's all about.

I mean, it can't be that hard to implement — can it?

I'd even pay extra for the feature.



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Notebook LED Light


Nicely done — and priced.


From the website:

Notebook LED Light


Anyone who has used a notebook computer in dim lighting will appreciate this compact light.

Designed to clip over the leading edge of a notebook screen up to 5/8" thick, it has a swivel head for optimal positioning.


The five LEDs produce a soft, diffused light to illuminate the entire keyboard.

Power is supplied by the USB port on the notebook and the USB cord is retractable for organized, compact storage.


Excellent for the student, traveler or night owl.



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Breaking news: Sarkozy voodoo doll declared legal


However — they must carry a notice saying that "pricking them harms the president's dignity."

Wait a minute... doesn't that imply that voodoo really works, since it's deemed by the French appeals court to result in damage?

You could look it up.

"Nicolas Sarkozy: The Voodoo Manual" costs €12.95 and includes a handbook and 12 pins. The blue-coloured doll [above and below] shows Mr Sarkozy's face on a body covered with some of his most famous one-liners, including 'get lost, you sad git' – his now infamous remark to a detractor at Paris' agricultural fair."

"K&B Editions said 20,000 Sarkozy dolls went on sale October 9 and sold out before the end of the month. Another 20,000 are to be delivered by mid-December."


Once they arrive, don't dally — at any moment the court's decision could be overturned and the dolls suddenly swept from the open market, only to reappear on eBay marked up by a factor of 10.

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Mutant Car Windshield Mount


From the website:

Car Windshield Mount with Twin Holders

The most practical and convenient in-car holder on the market has just got even more convenient as it is now available with DUAL goosenecks.

This allows mounting of two items at the same time so that it can hold both a mobile phone and a sat-nav device simultaneously.

A strong suction mount allows the holder to be easily installed or removed on the inside of a windscreen within seconds and it can be set in the preferred position by adjusting the flexible goosenecks.



• Holds TWO devices at the same time

• Strong suction cup

• Easy to mount on all cars.

• Flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust to an angle that is most friendly/convenient while driving

• 180" swivel tip allows any angle you need, which allows landscape or portrait viewing

• Holds devices from 45mm to 115 mm wide/up to 30mm deep/up to 100mm high.

• Smooth arm opening

• Lightweight


Holds the following devices:

• iPhone & iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Video (5G), iPod Classic (6G), iPod Nano, iPod Photo (4G)
• Blackberry/HTC/Dopod /Palm/T-Mobile G1
• Dell Axim / HP iPaq
• Game console
• Mobile phone
• Palm Treo
• MP3 /MP4
• Zune
• Etc.


$25.99 (devices not included).

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