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November 12, 2008

86 — with a bullet*


Just in, the news that bookofjoe's broken into trendalicious's Top 100 Most Popular Web Pages — "as reflected by del.icio.us, digg, and reddit" — for the very first time ever.

Scroll down to #86 and click on the link and you'll be transported here.

This is the result of someone putting the October 7, 2008 Church Tank post on Reddit yesterday, with the knock-on results pictured up top and below.

Yesterday's 23,000 visitors is the most ever here, and I wouldn't be surprised, based on the traffic so far today, if today's count exceeds even that.


In recent months I've noticed more and more people arriving via Stumbleupon, digg, del.icio.us and reddit.


Mos def a welcome development.

*Last time I looked, about 30 minutes ago

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Lately you are all over the stumbling place. I cannot stumble for stumbling onto one or another of your gadjillion pages. I give you a thumbs up every time and apparently I ain't the only one. The country is growing Joe... The country is growing. Next up we need some sort of crowning ceremony and I for one should like to see a redesign of the passports. More citizens means we must upgrade our third world looks. And taxes! Don't forget the lowering of taxes. In fact, eliminate them altogether I say!!! What does this all mean you ask? Well, that if you keep on talking, they'll apparently come.

Posted by: Miles in Wonderland + field of dreams | Nov 12, 2008 12:10:02 PM

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