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November 8, 2008

Minority Report — Mac-style


Who knew?

From the website:

    Undercover 2.5

    If your credit card gets stolen, police can track it down by finding out where the thieves use it. Undercover does the same thing for Macs. When you install the app, it registers a unique ID for your Mac. If your machine is stolen, the system transmits its Internet location; Orbicule will then cooperate with law enforcement officials to locate the system physically and recover it. The latest version even adds support for iSight cameras, so your Mac can snap a mug shot of the miscreants. In case recovery fails, Undercover has an ingenious plan B. Undercover will simulate a hardware failure, urging the thief or someone who purchased the stolen Mac to send it in for repair, making recovery easier.

    What’s New in this Version

    • Undercover now only connects to the Internet when a network change occurs, reducing network traffic while making the system even more aggressive

    • Memory footprint and CPU usage have been dramatically reduced — in most cases, memory footprint is down 75%

    • In addition, Undercover sports dozens of under-the-hood improvements and fixes

    • Undercover is compatible with Tiger and Leopard


Free here.

[via Milena]

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