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November 28, 2008

Recycled Paper Water Bottles


That's different.

From the website:

Paper Water Bottle

Questions the very existence of the plastic water bottle

The Challenge:

Each day, Americans throw out 60 million plastic bottles.

Only 14% actually get recycled — meaning 86% become garbage or litter.

We looked at this as a radical problem requiring an equally radical solution.

Could we design a container that would leverage sustainability, be easy to transport, and enhance the consumer's drinking experience?



The 360 Paper Bottle is a sustainable vision of the future.

It is the first totally recyclable paper container made from 100% renewable resources.

Versatile in its range of consumer applications and made from food-safe and fully-recyclable materials, it decreases energy consumed throughout the product life cycle without sacrificing functioning.

It is paper packaging that stands up to all liquid categories.


Up in Indianapolis, my doughty correspondent is smiling as he reads that last sentence.

[via Patti MacGillivray]

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I want more details about paper water bottle machinery video, price & raw material cost per unit.

Posted by: Raghu | Jun 18, 2009 2:11:37 PM

If you are in Spain...walking around town and find yourself thirsty, you walk into a bar or coffee shop and ask for a glass of water, drink it at the bar and then leave. Everyone does this; children, grandmothers, workmen.

If you have a thermos or bottle, they will also fill it up for you.

Nothing innovative, just a non-commercialization of city space and a traditional sense of the implicit right to water.

Póngame Agua, Por Favor

Posted by: gina | Nov 28, 2008 10:39:29 AM

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