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November 10, 2008

Trongs — 'Chopsticks on steroids'

Did someone say "Wild Thing?"

Oh, "wild wing" — got it.


From the Trongs website: "World's first fully functional finger-food utensil. Dishwasher safe up to 175°F for limited multiple use."

"... limited multiple use."


There's something to chew on... as it were.

No matter, they're in Wikipedia so they must be OK.

You could look it up.


6 pairs (12 individual Trongs) for $4.99 (food not included).

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@ cliffyt

Clap ... Clap ... Clap ... Clap ... clapclapclapclap

Posted by: Rocketboy | Nov 11, 2008 12:06:40 PM

Mike -- it is clifyt...not trackback.

Considering you have to list another website as the one you are hawking as opposed to the *OTHER* one you own based around the Trongs, I guess I can't complain too much about your internet savvy.

I think we got off on the wrong foot...so let me explain why I think these are useless.

A steak is not fingerfood. Hasn't been for a few hundred years. There are a number of utensils that have been made for steaks...knives, forks, chopsticks even. There is a social order based around using a utensil to eat it.

Other foods were DESIGNED to be eaten by hand...wings can be eaten pretty readily with fork and knife. But why? it is a FUN food...you are ENCOURAGED to be dirty...I've never seen a table at a wing joint that didn't have forks available. Most waitresses bring then even though they never see anyone use them. I've joked with waitresses about the fact that these are the most useless item in their store...and they tell me some wierdos require them, so they do it as a default.

But then you come in with these little finger gloves. Interesting idea...but it is even MORE nerdy than using a fork. Even harder to use and control. What purpose does it have, what part of the human crisis does it solve, how is anyone going to benefit from these, and more importantly, how is culture going to be effected to the point that these are a viable tool for restaurants to have other than novelties.

Granted, I have a few patents out there...a good friend actually quizes me over moronic things that I might rant about at any given time, and he writes these ideas down. Only one patent is worth anything...and it is being contested because an employer thinks it should belong to them (and the product has been used by aprox 30% of all students entering higher education and wasn't available until I created a proof of concept)...even that, the only reason it was patented was so that I could give it away without anyone trying to tie my idea down (too many things that benefit mankind are locked away because of IP). Beyond that, the patents are crap but my friend eats them up...then again, he does this sort of thing for a living. He'd actually love this one...his firm would probably have paid a grand or two for the idea knowing that it would most likely it was a gamble.

But the thing is, unless you are are solving a problem that exists, it doesn't mean anything...half the reason to eat wings is that you are being social and informal. There are solutions to eat these that exist that are more formal and less messy...removing the social aspect of the meal. You have a solution that not only takes away the social aspect of the informal meal, but actively drives away the opposite se x, so it is actually is more detrimental to the end user than to just use a fork. If I saw a dude using these, it would be like painting a target on his girlfriend because it is open season. I dare say, owning a pair is the same as admitting one has blue balls.

It is an interesting idea. Just not very useful. Anyone that can come up with ideas like that probably has dozens of other ideas and I'm certain that one of them is probably useful.

Beyond that, again, if you are part of a company and doing PR / Damage Control, the best part of the internet is that it loves honest. Deception by omission is just as bad as lying. Say you are who you are and that you love your product. I'd have been a little nicer if you had, instead of having to have dug up the info.

Posted by: clifyt | Nov 10, 2008 9:48:27 PM

Wow TrackBack... how closed minded of you. There was a time when we ate steak with our hands before the fork was invented... but I guess you would call the fork useless too.

Posted by: Mike | Nov 10, 2008 4:31:09 PM

Wow! How frackin' useless!

I'm sorry, but if you are gonna eat messy finger foods, you are going to get messy. Thats how it is. Otherwise, order some bread with it and eat it the way they do Ethiopian food and grab everything with the bread and eat that.

Personally, if I saw someone using these, I'd throw a drink in their obnoxious face. Someone elses drink.

Posted by: clifyt | Nov 10, 2008 9:22:49 AM

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