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December 30, 2008

Amazon's Return Policy


If you're the sort who occasionally or more than occasionally returns purchases for whatever reason, you've got to love Amazon even more than the average online shopper.

The company makes it so easy if you decide you don't want something, and even lets you be honest and check "Don't want/need anymore" as a reason for the return, instead of the usual white lie of "Too big/small/wrong color/etc."

Contrast this: logging onto the site, finding the item(s) you want to return, having the site generate a return barcode and a return mailing label — Postage Paid! — for you to print out and tape to the box it came in, then giving the package to your mailman or dropping it off at the post office (total elapsed time about 5 minutes)...

With this: driving to the store the purchase came from, finding the return area, waiting to be served by a person who can handle the return, then filling out forms and showing I.D., lying as to the reason, getting a receipt for the return (while hoping it shows up on your next credit card statement), then heading back to your car and driving home (total elapsed time at least 30 minutes and potentially unlimited).

I hate to ask it... but how do you spell "no-brainer?"

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Easy to use definitely... i think they subtract shipping costs back though...

Posted by: bnug | Dec 30, 2008 2:48:57 PM

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