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December 14, 2008

Goldfish-in-a-Bag Soap


Hold on a sec, this one's complicated.

From the website:

    Goldfish In A Bag Soap

    Remember being a kid and bringing a goldfish home from the pet store or county fair?

    This looks just like your little pet — except it's a bar of soap.

    The more you shower or bathe, the closer you'll get to the toy goldfish inside.

    Glycerin soap measures 3" x 3".

    Ages 3 and up.


3 and up?

Woo hoo — for once, everyone qualifies.

Matched set of 3: $16.95 (fish food included).

Full disclosure: I held this post for a day while I slept on the catalog description and picture.

I just couldn't figure out how the ribbon and bag and little tag with the fishie on it could just dissolve — I mean, I know science and technology and those Japanese restaurants with the plastic food out front that looks realer than the stuff you actually eat have mastered the art of transformative appearances but still....

Only today when I had my crack research team take a look did I twig: you open up the bag and the soap's inside.



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Martha Stewart had a DIY on these just the other day on her show.

Posted by: t. Cadieux | Dec 14, 2008 7:10:09 PM

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