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December 22, 2008

Has Yo-Yo Ma ever said 'Yo mama?'

The thought just occurred to me.

Above, he plays the prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1.

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Looks like this is from the Inspired by Bach film series Yo-Yo did. Highly recommended... aside from beautiful music it's also a great insight into creative processes and cross-medium collaborations with some outstanding results to boot.

Posted by: johnjohn | Dec 24, 2008 2:52:58 PM

the world needs more of his music right now.

lots of it.

Posted by: rob | Dec 22, 2008 10:42:51 PM

The crucial question is, has anyone, attempting to get Mr. Ma's attention, ever shouted "Yo! Yo-Yo!"?

Posted by: Flau-Flau-Tist | Dec 22, 2008 4:11:08 PM

I saw Mr. Ma recently (within the last month or so) on the Colbert Report. He had a great sense of humor, very funny, and if I remember correctly, he did make a Yo Mama joke about himself.

Posted by: Michael McMahon | Dec 22, 2008 4:05:59 PM

Not sure if it's ever come out of his mouth, but they played the "yo mama" joke well in a classic episode of Arthur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1s3OFJE4Cg

Posted by: Paul Miller | Dec 22, 2008 2:47:02 PM

The Cello Suites happen to be my favorite piece of music ever. I prefer the Casals recordings but I have a lovely one with Yo-Yo Ma. Years ago, at my job, Mr. Ma came to perform with a traveling troupe of children musicians. He gave a class and afterward we interviewed him for the tv show we produced. When I had finished video recording the interview I whipped out my copy of the CD and asked him to please autograph it for me. To my utter dismay, I noticed as I did so that I'd brought the Casals version, not his. He smiled and said: That's OK, nobody played it better and signed it anyway. How is that for being gracious?

Posted by: Milena | Dec 22, 2008 2:30:35 PM

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