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December 12, 2008

Radioactive Uranium Marbles


Above, under UV (black) light.

From the website:

    Radioactive Uranium-Doped Glass Marbles

    The marbles, each about 5/8" in diameter, contain approximately 3% uranium-238 (by weight).

    This small amount of uranium is added to the glass while it's still in the furnace and in a molten state.

    As the uranium dissolves into the red-hot glass, it takes on the telltale pale green color of uranium glass.

    Because of the added uranium in the glass, the marbles glow brightly under ultraviolet light (black light).

    The small amount of radiation that the marbles emit will also register on sensitive Geiger counters.

    The marbles do not emit high or dangerous levels of radiation, and are completely safe to handle.

    A small sample of uranium ore (the type used to make this particular type of glass) is included.

    Collectors take note:

    Uranium glass is no longer manufactured anywhere in the world.

    Although a few glass manufacturers still have small quantities that they are keeping for historical purposes, no one plans on manufacturing any in the future.

    Once our stock is sold out, we never expect to see any again.


Fair warning.

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Don't try to carry them onto a plane โ€” or pack them in your checked luggage.

How do you spell "Please step into this room?"

Below, under normal light.


Three for $10.

[via Milena]

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WOW- how cool is that!! Now I want an item made of vaseline glass!!! Look at what Google brought up, so pretty- they have others on this site, too- http://www.boydglass.com/catalog.asp?prodid=592726&showprevnext=1

Posted by: Lilorfnannie | Dec 12, 2008 8:27:27 PM

Damn, they take no orders outside US.

Any suggestions where I can get these also from?

Shura and the whole bunch

Posted by: Voodooschaaf | Dec 12, 2008 10:23:05 AM

3 for $10?! I remember getting a box of maybe 50 of these on ebay for like $20 a few years ago.

BTW, it is also called "vaseline glass" if anyone is looking for things made out of this stuff.

Posted by: Maximillian Hill | Dec 12, 2008 9:33:52 AM

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