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December 31, 2008

Talking Pet Bowl


For a second there I thought it was yet another year-end football game, this one sponsored by the parrot owners of America.

From websites:

    Talking Pet Bowl

    This pet bowl automatically plays your recorded message, helping to comfort a dog or cat when it is left alone for extended periods (and easing its owner's mind).

    The bowl's digital recording unit has an integrated photosensor that detects when your pet approaches, triggering playback of your message (up to 10 seconds in length).

    Some animal behaviorists suggest that hearing a recording of your voice may help ease separation anxiety.

    The recording unit can be switched off and removed, allowing the bowl to be run through a dishwasher.

    Three AAA batteries (not included) power the unit for four months.

    The durable ABS bowl has a non-slip base and five-cup capacity.

    5"H x 10"W x 10"D.



You know, if your beloved pet should be getting old and facing the end of its time in its current incarnation, you could do worse than to record its sounds with this device, then use it yourself after the saddest day to bring back happy memories of good times past.


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