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December 12, 2008

Tweezerman Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition Slant Tweezers


From websites:

    Tweezerman Swarovski Crystal Limited Edition Slant Tweezers

    The perfectly aligned hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with true precision.

    A very exclusive Swarovski edition.


Black crystals (top): £73.40.


White: $100.

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The answer to having too much money- buy minor household items with expensive crystals glued on! Next: diamonds and precious jewels!

Posted by: Lilorfnannie | Dec 12, 2008 8:48:45 PM

The ONLY brand of grooming tools to buy is Dovo, from (where else?) Germany. Get a pair of tweezers and some nose hair scissors from them and you'll be set for life.

Posted by: jim` | Dec 12, 2008 6:35:23 PM

As a hairy nosed creature, I prefer to keep my hair removal a low profile affair.

Introducing bling would just draw attention.

Posted by: wombat | Dec 12, 2008 3:31:37 PM

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