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January 1, 2009

The nicest things anyone's said about me all year


As a card-carrying TechnoDolt™, it's rare to be the recipient of a compliment regarding something computer-related, so I'm delighted to report that early this morning while I was sleeping, commenter urgay — wait a minute, did I miss something there... was that a play on words? very witty, if so... but I digress — weighed in with not one but two! two! two in a span of less than 10 minutes.

Up top, the first in his series, received at 5:39 a.m.

"n00b" — be still my heart.

But it got even better when in his subsequent remark (below),


logged in at 5:48 a.m., he wrote, "even in 2008 it was old, thanks gramps and granny."

On behalf of the krew out back in the skunk works and my crack research team, you're most welcome.

FunFact: We've just renamed bookofjoe World Headquarters©™® here in Charlottesville, Virginia, my Podunk home town — from now on, it's Geriatric Park.

And why do I just automatically assume urgay is a guy and not a girl?

Pretty immature and politically incorrect of me, huh?

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The year 1500 — World's 10 most populous cities


A lot can happen in 500 years.

Contrast the graphic up top with yesterday's of population leaders in the year 1000 (below).


[via Milena]

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Got plants? Folding secateurs


"This ingenious folding tool features a pair of high performance secateurs and then some."


"Deft in design, the handle hides an additional saw, knife, weeder and a handy tool. Up to whatever tasks come its way, it totes with ease in a black belt-looped pouch."


Folds down to 3.5" x 1.2".



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Do other people see you as you see yourself?


Find out here.

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Luke Skywalker's light saber — Don't have $240,000? Can you go $129.95?


At auction on Thursday, December 11, 2008, Luke Skywalker's original light saber — used in "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" (1977—the original "Star Wars") and "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) — realized $240,000.

According to a December 12, 2008 CBC.ca story, "The light saber... was made using an old flashgun and was listed as being in good condition. The prop was sold by 'Star Wars' producer Gary Kurtz."

OK, so the cheaper iteration is only an "exact replica," not the real thing.

But at least you'll be able to wave it around and stuff without having a heart attack should you smash it into something.

From the website:

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker Light Saber

    An exact replica of the famous Jedi and Sith weapon from the epic "Star Wars" series, this light saber is faithful to every outward detail of the original hilt and reproduces the authentic digitally recorded sounds from the movie, including the classic hum when idle, swooshing sound when swung, and clashing sound when it strikes another object or light saber.

    The sturdy blade is composed of shatterproof polycarbonate enclosed around a string of bright LEDs that illuminate in sequence from hilt to tip when turned on, providing the illusion of a focused beam of energy emanating from the hilt.

    As it powers up, the lightsaber replicates the actual initialization sound used in the films, and built-in motion detectors detect blade movement and prompt the same battle sounds that are the hallmarks of the "elegant weapon, from a more civilized age."

    The hilt is made of durable die-cast aluminum and polyethylene and crafted to replicate all outward characteristics of the unique light saber used by Luke Skywalker.

    Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

    Ages 14 and up.





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'Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters)' — by Pipilotti Rist

Above, the Swiss artist speaks about her installation, in MoMA's atrium through February 2, 2009.


curator Klaus Biesenbach gives you his take.


TimeOutNewYork Editor-at-large Howard Halle talks to the artist and takes you behind the scenes for a look at how the piece was created.

Peter Schjeldahl's effusive review appears in the January 5, 2009 New Yorker.

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Stickman Action Figure


From the website:

Stickman Action Figure


The Stickman Action Figure has a bajillion points of articulation, so he can get into any pose.

And each leg and arm ends in a hole that can connect to one more ball jointed peg on the action base — which means you can balance him on one hand or one leg.


Snap in the warning sign backdrop and you create any sign you can imagine.

Warn folks that the breakroom is an authorized "Handstand Zone" or that the leaking water cooler is a "Swimming Zone."

With the Stickman Action Figure, your office can always be the official "Party Zone" — just add some sticky note confetti to the backdrop!


Stickman action figure in actuality has 16 points of articulation, plus 2 more when you connect it to the base.

Includes Stickman Action Figure, action-tastic base and background warning sign.

Stickman is 3.75" tall; Sign is 6.2" high.



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Speak 'n Set Alarm Clock — It listens and obeys


Better than most people, that.

From websites:

    Speak 'n Set Alarm Clock

    Travel alarm clock features voice-activated commands and interactive voice response

    No more fumbling in the dark or hitting tiny buttons to set the time — our incredible Speak 'n Set Alarm Clock listens when you talk.

    With the touch of a single button you can speak into the clock to set various features and times.

    The clock also speaks the current time, date, and temperature in response to voice commands.

    Great for use by senior citizens, persons with disabilities, or children.

    Features 5 minutes of soothing sound to help you fall asleep.

    A great travel gadget for road warriors.

    Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

    Includes help menu.

    4” x 3-1/4” x 4”.


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