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January 4, 2009

'Who's on First?' — 'Best comedy sketch of the 20th century'

Two and a half years ago when I featured Abbott and Costello's masterpiece (above), all I could offer was a transcript and an audio file.

Times change.

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Remote-Controlled Beverage Cooler


From websites:

Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler

This amusing remote-controlled cooler can travel across a patio, rug or kitchen floor to deliver a well-timed beverage to parched party guests.

With room for 12 cans or bottles and ice, the cooler rolls on four sturdy underside wheels


up to 40 feet from the host at the controls.

The remote features simple controls that send the cooler forward, backward, and progressively left or right.

With sides of water-resistant insulated vinyl and a secure zippered lid,


beverages stay cold for hours.

The cooler can be carried with the removable shoulder strap


and collapses to just 6.5" tall for storage.

Requires 9V battery for the remote and 6 C batteries for the cooler (not included).

Sturdy construction can transport 22 pounds of drinks and ice.

13.25"H x 12"Ø.



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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Pincer Jar and Bottle Opener


What an usual form factor has this device.

From the website:

    Bottle and Can Opener

    Give yourself a hand in opening jars and bottles.

    Hinged to fit most any size, this opener has lid-gripping teeth and is comfortable to grasp.

    In metal-reinforced plastic, it’s super-sturdy and features a built-in bottlecap opener.

    Dishwasher safe.

    3½"L x 2¾"W.




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World's 10 most populous cities in the year 1900


[via Milena]

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Micro Grappling Hook

John Edgar Park reviewed it in issue 16 of MAKE magazine as follows:


"You will never, ever need your own personal, pocket-sized grappling hook. Ever. Until that one crowning moment when disaster strikes: someone will yell, 'If only we had a grappling hook!'"


"You'll coolly draw your Micro Grappling Hook from your pocket, unscrew its base to reveal its three tiny spikes, thread them into their angled holes, recap it, and without saying a word, swing the hook toward its target. I know all this because I lived it — at my son's fifth birthday party right after I tossed his new airplane onto the roof. Designed for the more serious needs of military personnel [to detect tripwires], the microhook is beautifully machined from 300 series stainless steel."


"The end hole will accomodate 550 paracord, but for long-range grappling, soldiers use fishing line and a Pocket Fisherman."



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Byte Converter


[via Milena]

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StealthSwitch — 'World's first desktop cloaking device'


Wrote Dick DeBartolo, "MADS's maddest writer," in issue 16 of MAKE magazine: "Playing games at school? Don't want to get caught? StealthSwitch is the answer. Install the software and plug the hidden foot switch into an available USB port, then just a tap of your toes will hide the current window, hide all windows, or hide all except the one you want to hide."

Knowing me, I'd hit the foot switch and the screen would freeze and I'd be toast.

You, though, you won't have any problem at all.

Press the foot switch again and everything reappears exactly as it was.

Great demo here.


Below center,


StealthSwitch World Headquarters in southern Wisconsin.

You could look it up.

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