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January 14, 2009

Who will die for the U.N.?


I got to thinking recently about whether someday there really might be an effective world government that would take over failed states and provide security to enable them to recover.

But then I got to thinking about the U.N. peacekeepers in their blue helmets in trouble zones and about how, when one is killed, it makes the headlines.

Is it really possible to form an effective fighting force with loyalty not to a country but an ideal?

Will soldiers do under the U.N. flag what they do under those of their respective countries?

It's hard to imagine that happening.

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Color-Coded Measuring Spoons


If they can do it with Sudoku, this application is — as they say in higher mathematics — trivial.

From the website:

    Color-Coded Measuring Spoons

    Four bright plastic spoons are a neat addition to a kids' baking set.

    1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon.

    Linked on a hanger, perfect for a pegboard.

    Select just the one you need at a glance.




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Twingine: 2 (clap clap) — 2 (clap clap) — 2 search engines in 1


Interesting  to see what happens when two different algorithms pour their secret sauces atop your search query, then serve up the results side by side.

[via Milena]

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Time Tool


Don't get your baggies in a twist — it's not the big one.

From the website:

    Time Tool Clip Watch

    Time plus four tools to go: magnifier, nail file, penknife and thermometer — all on a mini-carabiner that clips to belt loop or pack.

    Analog quartz watch with luminescent hands and silver dial.



Lime, Blue or Pink.


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A modest proposal


After yet another round of familiar, boring commercials during  this past weekend's NFL playoffs, I was once again struck by the inability of both corporations and their ad agencies to move beyond the dead, zombified concept of showing the same commercial over and over and over during a show, to the point where the unfortunate viewer sometimes will see the identical spot three, four, even five times within a given half hour.

I say again: This is no different than telling the same joke repeatedly and expecting the audience to laugh with every rendition as if they'd just heard it for the first time.

And when the joke is bad to begin with, why, you're really taking your product down to a place you don't want it to go in your prospective customer's psyche.

But enough whining, joe — how about offering something positive instead of more of the same old refrain?


Here's my suggestion: Instead of spending millions of dollars to create a car commercial where some vehicle pulls an airplane or a train — true, this is a situation most of us run into every now and again — why not take the money and dole it out to people who'll create commercials so cheaply that each one need air only once before heading to its YouTube channel?

No, I'm not advocating a contest like a number of brands have already done, to supplement their main advertising thrust; rather, I'm saying junk the main event and go with the alternatives.

Because the current model died when YouTube was born.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Miracle Nose Cones (no — it's not rocket science)


Do you believe in miracles?

If yes, you've come to the right post.

If not, you might be amused anyway.

From the website:

    Miracle Nasal Cones™ — The Perfect Breathing Solution

    Reduce congestion and dry mouth with Miracle Nasal Cones — you'll breathe easier and sleep more soundly.

    These soft, comfortable rubber cones slip right into your nostrils to instantly open up your nasal airways.

    Medium (fits most women) or Large (fits most men)

    Free storage cases.

2 pairs (par-tày!) for $14.99.

I wonder what would happen if you also used a Nasal Dilator at the same time: might blow your brains out, what?

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TypePad to bookofjoe: 'Too bad for you'


Above, the response I got yesterday afternoon to my Help Ticket of the previous day reporting the issue I noted in yesterday morning's 10:01 a.m. post.

"Have you tried using the Firefox browser of the light editor?"

Actually, no.

The reason being that an older version of Firefox I tried when TypePad was relatively TechnoDolt™-friendly — i.e, up to late Monday afternoon — wouldn't work at all.

And the list of compatible browsers for the new iteration didn't include Firefox.

And this email response to my Help Ticket is the first I've ever heard of the light editor.

So, as I said — no.

On the brighter side, somehow I've managed to keep to my usual daily posting schedule so far this week, no small beer for this doofus of the virtual world.

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Fireplace in a Valise — Homage à Duchamp


Long story short: It's a portable fireplace you can use outdoors or in and runs on canned fuel.


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