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January 15, 2009

'When We Were Kids' — New York City Ballet Dancers

Absolutely enchanting .

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Bible Key Chain — Episode 2: Price Break


Why pay $29.95 for last week's tricked-out USB Digital Bible Keychain when you can get the very same message for 13% of the price?

Besides which, the computer iteration's not gonna do you a whole lot of good if you're not near a computer — then what?


"Bible Key Chain lets you carry a full version of the Bible with you at all times. 1.75" x 1.5"."

"1,513 very thin but eminently readable pages contain the entire Old and New Testaments.

"The type is so tiny that you'll need a magnifier to read the passages."


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My big fat Podunk town's Zip Code map


Can they build one for you?

[via Milena]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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The Fire Is Now So Sweet — by Tryfon Tolides

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

The fire is now so sweet I will not leave the room,

I have spun and spun it all day to its rightness and am

now deflatedly proud.

The heat is so steady, the small logs burn so slowly in

the stove.

They go on burning after they are burned, burned

glowing whole remnants,

After smoke, hissing, last breaths, crackles, some blue

reserve flared

From under the bark, a wind, they become x-rays of

great detail of their former selves,

brittle refinement of surface chafe and molten-like core,

more gone and more alive,

striations of woodflesh only visible in darkness, pure fuel


heading for the fineness of ash. I will not answer the

phone. I am waiting

only for the rain now, to seal me more perfectly. And for


which has arrived; we'll greet the rain together. Some

sweetness, some silence,

has descended upon me and I can say: now.

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119 

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

 Sleeping Muse

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

WHITESPACE- **** 20h x 119

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Pet Hair Magnet


Say what?

From websites:

    FURemover® Mitt — Pick Up Pet Hair Like a Magnet

    Finally, a quick and easy way to pick up annoying pet hair.

    Simply wear the FURemover Mitt and brush it over your clothing, couch, drapes — wherever hair is a problem.

    You can even use it to groom your pet.

    Soft rubber with a Velcro® wrist strap.

    One size fits most.




Bonus: FURemover Brush and Mini Brush included at no extra cost.


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How to turn your blog into a newspaper


I happened on the above-headlined post in yesterday's edition of nerdcore.

What with the issues I've been having lately with TypePad, it got my attention in a big way.

From nerdcore:

Ben Terrett und Russell Davies erklären auf Noisy Decent Graphics, wie sie aus ihren und den Blogs von Freunden eine Zeitung für 2008 produzieren ließen. Ich weiß ja – Gedrucktes ist tot und so –, aber ich würde eine gedruckte Ausgabe meiner Lieblingsposts von 2008 gedruckt zu sehen, in einer schön gestalteten Zeitung oder in einem Magazin.

Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008 is a publication that’s been dropping through letter boxes over the last few days.

Russell and I thought it would be interesting to take some stuff from the internet and print it in a newspaper format. Words as well as pictures. Like a Daily Me, but slower. When we discovered that most newspaper printers will let you do a short run on their press (this was exactly the same spec as the News Of The World) we decided to have some fun.

Any joeheads out there with a printing press I could try out?

[via Noisy Decent Graphics and MetaFilter]

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Expanding Laundry Hamper


Natural or Orange with integrated stand.



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