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January 17, 2009

Milena gives a lesson — Episode 2: In which our resident Technodolt™ picks up the clue phone

Firefox - 2008

You may recall yesterday's tiptoeing into the Firefox waters — or perhaps you're as bored with it already as I am.

In any event, following that initial foray I decided to get wild — really wild — and downloaded Firefox (top), last updated last year.

Guess what?

It works much better than 1.0.7 when it comes to using TypePad's new compose system.

It's amazing what three years of collected brainpower can do, what?

I'll bet that if I'd moved to Mac OS 10.5 like any fool with an ounce of brains would've done a long time ago, none of this would be happening.


Stay tuned.

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Deskside Cable Holder


No more digging around under your desk for all your laptop's cables.

$11 .

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Dueling Shamisen

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Blossoming Vase


"Just add water to see it take form and gain the capacity to showcase flowers in addition to itself. When not being used, folds up flat."

Polyester, Polyamide and Polyethylene.

Red, Blue, Yellow or Brown.

11" high.


$12 .

[via Milena]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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LampLamp — Genetic engineering escapes the biology lab and enters the industrial space



30 watts


of freaky


light fun.



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BehindTheMedspeak: Reggie Bush rolls the dice and undergoes microfracture surgery


The star Saints running back (above) recently underwent the procedure and though I heard it mentioned in passing on TV, I have yet to read a word about it in the dead tree media I peruse on a daily basis.

This is no trivial joint cleanout but a major procedure with a wide range of potential outcomes, sometimes letting a player return to his previous peak but in other instances resulting in a performance fall-off and even becoming a career-ender.

I sure hope Bush comes back with every bit of the lightning-quick shiftiness and cutting ability he dazzles with when he's healthy and at his best.

The knee is one complex, tricky joint.


Stay tuned.

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World's first water-powered dental appliance


Why mess around with dangerous electricity and costly batteries and filling finicky reservoirs when your lowly faucet can provide all the energy you need to keep your gingival margins pink and healthy?

I mean, it's your very own Hoover Dam in the privacy of your bathroom or kitchen, if that's where you do this sort of business (if that's the case, let's meet up somewhere else, OK? I'm just saying...).

From websites:

    ProFloss™ Dental Waterjet

    The first faucet-powered waterjet that promotes easy oral health care.

    ProFloss Dental Waterjet cleans between teeth, massages gums and freshens breath.

    No electricity required and no batteries needed — it simply attaches to your faucet in seconds.

    It takes up no counter space and there's no reservoir to fill.

    Just turn on the water and it's ready to use.

    Includes four-speed water control handle with 46" flexible hose, faucet aerator, two waterjet picks and zippered storage pouch.



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