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January 18, 2009

Help Wanted — 'The Best Job in the World'


Apply within.

Peter Smith in the January 16, 2009 Financial Times wrote that the offer, launched online last Sunday (January 11) "... had within its first week received more than 4,000 applications from 119 countries, and 5.6 million page views on its ... website. By the February 22 deadline, up to 30,000 people from Argentina to Zimbabwe are expected to send in their 60-second video application."

[via ornsby chazzer]

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Lighted Reading Glasses — Episode 2: Closer


Version 1.0, featured here on May 24, 2007, was rather — how shall I put it — off-putting.

They've been busy out back in the reading glasses skunk works and here we have the result.

From the website:

    Tortoise Lighted Reading Glasses

    Attractive frameless reading glasses have a bright LED light mounted in each corner, allowing you to see clearly in low-light situations: in bed, on planes or trains, in dimly lit restaurants, etc.

    Also great for sewing and crafts.

    Batteries included.



Magnifications: 0,1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X.

Tortoise-colored frames.


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bookofjoe archives hack


Turns out my archives haven't disappeared as a result of TypePad's recent "upgrade" — they've merely become very difficult to access.

While my crack technical team continues its efforts (now nearly a week in) to remedy the situation, here's a kludge I discovered to let you go right to a given day's posts, all the way back to the very first on August 24, 2004.

In the URL box type:


The question marks are where you put the

Year: 200? (4 through 9)

Month: ?? (01 through 12)

Day: ?? (01 through 31)

So, for example, to see August 24, 2004, you'd type


Doing so takes you right to that day's posts.

You'll note TypePad has also inadvertently removed about 95% of the thousands of pictures I've posted over the past 4+ years, instead leaving cryptic strings of letters which link to the photos.

The tech team's addressing that issue as well.

We're busier than the proverbial one-armed paperhanger.

Stay tuned.

And while I'm thinking about it, saying something isn't lost, it's just not easily accessible has a nice (and somewhat familiar) ring to it, what?

File under "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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Corpus Chronophage Clock

Invented by John Taylor, who spent seven years and £500,000 of his own money creating the device, it was unveiled on September 19, 2008 by Stephen Hawking.

It is located on the exterior of the new library building of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, England.

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Anti-Static Light Switch Cover


From the  website:

    StaticOff Light Switch Cover

    Just touch any corner of this light switch cover and static charge in your body is instantly discharged — no more painful zapping of people or pets.

    Also protects your valuable electronic equipment. Installs easily.

    Fits standard single switch.


Almond (shown) or White.

Two for $24.99.

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Most exciting sandwich of the year to date: Timmy G's Ham Cruncher — 'The secret is the Cheetos'



Scott Reitz's January 7, 2009 Washington Post Food section "Good To Go" column highlighted this cynosure of the sandwich arts (above), to be found only at Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine in Rockville, Maryland (a close-in suburb of Washington, D.C.).

Long story short: "Yes, the cheetos are on the sandwch!"

Here's his review.

    Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine in Rockville

    At the corner of Twinbrook Parkway and Chapman Avenue in Rockville, Tim and Johnna Gilchrist have turned a narrow strip-mall tenancy into their vision of a delicatessen. Working weekends and evenings after his first job as a PE teacher, Tim has been helping his wife slowly renew the space since last summer. While the black-and-white-checked vinyl tile and the EZ Shoppes Deli sign reflect a somewhat gritty past, the two continue to polish their little gem. A new logo soon will update the storefront; upgrades have become as much of the couple's daily process as ordering their next beer delivery.

    Inside, old 7-Up and Coca-Cola refrigerators house the usual mix of sodas alongside an impressive selection of cold beers ranging from the familiar Sam Adams and Guinness to the lesser-known Lancaster Hop Hog IPA. And this is where Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine departs from typical delis. For a $2 corkage fee, any beer can be consumed on-site. If none of the beers in the coolers jumps out at you, ask Tim what he has on tap: The selection changes as each keg is emptied. Gilly's also offers wines by the glass ($5 to $10) that do their best to span the globe rather than meander around any single region.

    A relationship with the Dogfish Head Alehouse ensures an ample selection of the local brewery's beer, but Tim also seeks out his own finds. In the back of the shop near coolers that hold additional six-packs lies a collection of large bottled imports. Maredsous tripels from Belgium, Ommegang stouts from New York and other specialty brews proved difficult to procure. Orders placed in June when the shop opened have only now begun to trickle in.

    Customers have been coming in more steadily. A holiday surge rendered the deli case a ghost town, but Johnna promised that more meats, olives and cheeses were on the way. Above the case, chalkboards detail events, specials and a menu full of amply portioned and reasonably priced sandwiches, some with quirky twists.

    Timmy G's Ham Cruncher ($4.99), for instance, includes a fair portion of smoked ham, cheddar cheese and a pile of Cheetos. Yes, Cheetos. The hearty crunch juxtaposes a soft, yielding Italian roll or a choice of other breads, and the play on texture works surprisingly well. Tim says the creation is a throwback to his grandmother; most of the menu pays homage to family and friends.

    Katie's Brie ($4.99) nods to a sibling still in college who helps out at the shop while home on breaks. The youthful creation pairs the same smoked ham with sliced brie on toasted whole-wheat bread. A dash of maple syrup adds a sweetness that makes the sandwich seem almost breakfasty and appeals to the child within.

    If you're not feeling playful, the simply named Italian ($5.99) delivers just what one would expect, especially if you're a purist. The same pillowy Italian roll cradles smaller portions of deli meat, but the elevated flavors of salami, capicola and hot calabrese make up for its lack of girth.

    That you can enjoy a cold one while you shop or wait for your sandwich places Gilly's in a category all its own.


Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine . 2009 Chapman Ave., Rockville; 301-770-5515. Hours: Mondays through Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Thursdays through Saturdays, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sundays, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

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'Miracle on the Hudson' — US Airways Flight 1549 Captain Chesley Sullenberger gives a lesson

Above, security camera videos taken from the cruise terminal site between West 52nd and West 54th Street in New York City of last Thursday's masterful unpowered water landing of an Airbus 320 with two dead engines, after a silent minutes-long glide over the George Washington Bridge and then onto the frigid river's surface, saving the lives of all 155 people on board. Below,

Coast Guard footage from a security camera in New Jersey, showing the plane coming in from the north (left side of the screen, two minutes into the 10 minute-long video) and landing on the river.

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iPod Toilet Paper Holder— Episode 2: Monster price break


When I originally featured this odd mashup back in November  of 2006, it seemed reasonably priced at $99.95.

So I was rather taken aback to find it's currently being offered for more than twice that price — $229 — by a website Milena passed on to me last week.

Especially since, when I had my crack research team look back into the 2006 post, they discovered the original website was now selling it for $59.95.

Go figure.

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