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January 31, 2009

Vicki Cristina Barcelona


Watched this most enjoyable movie last night.

I like Woody Allen's recent habit of making films in European cities.

"Match Point" in London was entertaining just for the look around the city that served as the film's backdrop, and so with his latest production, set in Barcelona.

Everyone in the movie's excellent, with Rebecca Hall offering the most interesting performance of all the principals, who include Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz.

There's no justice, is there?

I mean, look at the DVD's cover up top: Rebecca Hall is nowhere to be seen.

Next time, maybe.

The film is deceptively shallow, in that it appears to be just one more light romantic comedy while in fact it probes some very tender areas of the psyche.

For example, how it is that we pretend not to want what we really want, and then succeed in either burying the unacceptable notion or, all too often, end up crushed by the fallout from pursuing what we realized only too late wasn't what we wanted after all.

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Beer Goggles — The real thing


Send Scott Urban of Chicago, Illinois two bottles — full or empty — of your favorite beer or bottles with interesting glass,


and he'll create a bespoke Beer Goggles frame for you.


Then he'll fit any lens prescription or tint


into the frames


"and they'll be ready


to wear out to your local pub."

[via Milena]

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McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia — Funniest thing I've seen in politics since Rudy danced

Giuliani dancing

The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Bill Clinton's moneyman-in-chief decided he'd like a change of pace so he's campaigning for the Virginia Democratic Party's gubernatorial nomination.

His politics aren't of any interest to me whatsover.

More to the point is that he's the Democratic Party's equivalent of Rudolph Giuliani — guaranteed to blow himself up long before he's in position to grab the brass ring.

You heard it here first.

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XXL — by Thomas Keeley


The Brooklyn-based artist has a way of looking at things that's, shall we say, just a tad different....

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Online Coupon Generator


Make your own.

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World's most technical burger maker — Yesterday's 'What is it?'


So far above my TechnoDolt™ pay grade I gotta wear shades — wait a minute....

From websites:



The simple design features a round base for circular patties and an adjustable clear outer sheath lets you measure and see patty thickness.

Takes the guesswork out of making right-sized, perfectly-shaped patties and turns out uniform bun-sized patties every time.

Once thickness is selected, lock outer ring into place to ensure consistent size.

Place ground meat or fish in cylinder, turn, then dispense patties ready to cook.

Create 1/4 lb., 1/3 lb. or 1/2 lb. patties — easy-to-read measurements.

Now each family member can get the burger size of their choice.

Great for beef, salmon or turkey.

Dishwasher safe plastic.


Product Features

• Adjusts to make big thick 1/2-lb. buffalo burgers, 1/3 lb. salmon patties, or 1/4 lb. burgers

• Roller adjustment dial thickness selector ensures uniform size and shape

• Thickness selector ensures uniform size and shape

• Patties easily dispense for grilling



Wait a minute, joe, what about those of us who like sliders?

What are we, chopped liver?

No, but you're as annoying as that idiot in my med school physiology class who sat in the front row and without fail every Friday afternoon at five o'clock at the end of the lecture, when the professor would ask, "Any questions?" would raise his hand and say, "Yes, there was something that wasn't clear yadda yadda yadda."

If the rest of us had had magical superpowers we'd have vaporized that guy in a UCLA minute.


But I digress.

You slider types are in luck because my crack research team decided to actually do something to justify the enormous salaries they earn: for $4.99 you can buy an Adjust-A-Burger Mini (below)


that'll make "sliders, crab cakes and more."

Now go away.

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Human Weight Machine — Takes 'up with people' to the next level

Long story short: Richard Hilton's Gymbox, a fitness club in London's financial district, last week replaced metal plates with human weights: "people of various masses waiting to be lifting by exercisers," noted an item in this week's Sports Illustrated.

"The liftees, who wear black leotards marked with their weights, range from a 66-pound female dwarf to a 342-pound man. 'A lot of our members felt that lifting metal weights was boring and not especially motivating,'" said Hilton, whose human weights shout encouragement to  lifters as they pump.

In the video up top, you can meet the meat — as it were.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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