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January 6, 2009

Are you a freak?



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I didn't finish the test- I didn't like the marketing data it was trying to collect.

I'm perfectly willing to express dissent- but not when it is pointless or futile to do so, not to fools who won't understand it and will only attack me for doing so. Jesus said, "Cast not thy pearls before swine- for they will trample on the pearls, and turn again and rend you." I disagree with 99% of what goes on around me in my town and in my nation but I seldom say anything about it.

Posted by: Lilorfnannie | Jan 8, 2009 4:24:39 PM

91% willingness to express dissent...

Posted by: Che Wombat | Jan 7, 2009 3:59:02 AM

Apparently I am 33% Freak.
Having taken that test makes me 100% Stoopid.

Posted by: Flautist | Jan 6, 2009 10:39:16 PM

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