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January 20, 2009

BehindTheMedspeak: World's first live-Tweeted surgery

From eagle-eyed bookofjoe correspondent-at-large (that's only because we can't get him back in his cage) Ray Earhart comes this item about Operation Fail Whale, out of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

"Surgeons at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital made history during a recent robotic procedure to remove a patient’s cancerous growth as the operating doctors provided live updates via Twitter to a group of 450 medical professional attending a conference in Las Vegas. Doctors James Peabody and Raj Laungani tweeted throughout the procedure under the hospital’s account (@HenryFordNews). The hospital signed up for Twitter back in 2007, but the account sat unused until late 2008 when the manager of the medical center’s web services department decided to expand beyond YouTube and podcasting as a way to help promote robotic surgery technology."

As you read these words my crack tech support team is preparing for the world's first live-Tweeted anesthetic.

Stay tuned.

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